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Dirty Dancing as ... therapy??

Ok it's not really dirty dancing. Or actually, maybe it is. I just wouldn't call it dirty, but rather sensual. And since sex sells and I got your attention with the headline it's all for a good reason.

Now, as you're used from me things go a little deeper than just that.

I discovered Kizomba!!!

Actually it already flirted with me new years eve of 2016/2017 and now, over 1,5 years later I finally took action and went to my first class.

And seriously I AM SOLD. HOLY EFF this is everything that I was looking for. How & why? Read on and check back in later as I'll share what this brings up and how you can benefit from this too.

Kizomba as … therapy??

I had my first Kizomba lesson on Sunday the 14th of July 2018. I actually had two classes because I decided to stay another hour after the first was SUCH a wonderful experience.

The next day I went again, to another school this time and first did an hour of Bachata, because I had the timing wrong, followed by 1,5 hours of Kizomba.

The wonderful thing of the second day was that just as in my wish, there were more men than women in the class this time, which meant a lot of dancing for me and my wonderful body.

I have to say my very first experience being such a blast was definitely also because of the skills of the teacher who literally swept me off my feet with the very last dance of the second hour. Hallelujah.

The music, the movement, the flowing of energy and the meditative state it got me in.

The most important thing in dancing with a partner, as a woman, is knowing when and how to follow. BUT most importantly, to stay on your own two feet.

And how is that done? In real life AND in dance.

Johannes, the teacher, was very direct in mirroring back to me what I was “doing wrong”.

In the taking of turns, every song someone we took turns in dancing with another man, he gave me instructions and feedback.

“Don’t fall apart” when I was leaning to much on him. “Keep your legs together”, which is what I hear all the time (kidding). And “Relax your hand (right hand) into mine”.

I have recently found a Youtube channel of a lady called Kizombaology, who is describing what I already suspected. The way my body reacted to this wonderful form of dancing I just KNEW there had to more to the dance than meets the eye.

I am a regular meditator and I'm very much into all things energy. I keep my own energy clean and I vibe best with people who do the same, and how it works I mostly attract people vibing on the same frequency.

The lady from the Youtube channel I mentioned says in one of her videos that in Kizomba there’s a sacred energy space created between the two partners. So there you have it. I am hooked on sacred energy, the flow that comes from that is indescribable. It's like an full body orgasm but not in a sexual way, more in a creative way.

And that’s exactly how it felt with the dance partners that were secure, good in leading, clean and clear with their body language.

I was actually positively surprised to find out that my body is so comfortable beings physically intimate with strangers that I don’t feel necessarily attracted to. My heart could stay open and my body flowing without my mind taking over and blabbing al kinds of unwanted stuff.

Very freeing!

Kizomba dancing is sexy and it's confronting and I will share much much more that I will discover during my new found exploration.

To be continued. Thank you for reading.

Much, much love.


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