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Here's how experts think about Healthy Sexuality.

Updated: Oct 8, 2017

Teal Swan has had to endure years of sexual abuse until she finally escaped her abuser. She is pretty well known in the spiritual field and her videos have been viewed over hundreds of millions of times. She's one of the few teachers that I find very refreshing and honest when it comes to all things being human.

Through a series of coincidences I got to interview her. The low down below. If you feel like jumping straight to the interview click here.

Sexuality. A topic that I care a lot about. And have been always but it wasn't until I learned about Sasha Cobra's work that I grasped what feeling whole in our sexuality can actually do for us human beings.

I had been playing with this idea for a long time already, well ok for about 3 months ever since I won tickets to the workshop of Sasha Cobra here in Berlin. I didn't even remember entering the contest and I had already decided that I wasn't going to buy the tickets. The weekend workshop would be an investment of over 440 dollars and I had decided that I could use these funds better for investing in my company.

Although I know it doesn't work this way with money, but ok that's a whole other blog post in itself.

In case you wonder, why sexuality?

I believe this is an aspect that plays a pivotal role in us creating the life that we desire for ourselves.

Sex is our essence. From sex something exists. It is creation!

And it is how we were created. What we are born out of.

Thus an essential part of what we are as physical human beings.

When we have feelings of shame and guilt around sex. Or when we use it as a manipulation or a power tool than we deny, ignore and block our essence.

When completely accepted and fully integrated it allows us to express ourselves as the essence that we are. So this plan of mine. After I won the tickets and I was so excited and blown away from the teachings at the workshop I knew I had to share this with more people. But how.

I decided to check with Sasha if I could interview her and she was down!

But, somehow we never managed to make a date for the interview and while I already took steps by asking some other people that I knew would be super interesting to interview on this topic I was still procrastinating and kind of waiting until Sasha would contact me to let me know that she had time.

Fast forward a few weeks to the 3th of November 2016.

My good friend Melissa, we have known each other since we were 14, messaged me she was going to Teal Swan too. I especially booked a trip to Amsterdam to go to her synchronisation workshop.

I knew I had to be in her vicinity. I already had a hunch that our dna, matrix, energy field whatever we may call it, changes for our highest good when we are together with another human being that has contains the vibration to that change. Sounds weird, I know.

How did I find out? Because of a series of events that led me to Portugal in the beginning of 2016 and freaky things happened after physical being together - no not sex - with a few people there.

Ok I'm side tracking here. So Melissa told me she was going to Teal too.

I was over the moon to be sharing that experience with her. She already gifted me Teal's book; Shadows before Dawn which I can recommend to anyone who loves to explore more about feelings of unworthiness or even depression.

The 4th of November Melissa and I where whatsapping and she told me that Patricia, a good friend of hers and owner of Radio Alwareness, would be interviewing Teal the day after the event.

WHAT!!!?!?! How COOL!!!

I told Melissa I would check with Patricia if I could come too. I was super grateful for only the idea that I would meet her in person and I told Patricia and myself that all was perfect and that if Mama Universe wanted me to meet her I would. And I left it completely in the hands of faith.

The next day, the 5th of November, Patricia, Melissa and me went to Teal's PA, Blake, during the lunch break.

Patricia introduced me as one of her team members and asked if it was ok that we would all come? No biggie.

Holy EFF. I was actually going to meet one of the people that I hold in very high esteem for all the work she's doing for the world.

And what do you think .... you can't make up this stuff, really .... Patricia said that we could make it a joined interview so if I had any questions than I could ask Teal.

That was a "Hello girl! Are you going to start this diving into sexuality for the sake of humanity already or what!!?" from Mama Universe.

I took the opportunity with both hands AND feet. As you will see.

You can watch it by clicking here.

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