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Here's how to attract what you need, like free pr ...

Somehow always when I need something for fra lippo lippie:

- meet the right people (like bloggers),

- an office space,

- a client in a particular part of the world,

- pr,

- a photographer,

- or an intern they show up.

While I can't tell you exactly how it works, I can tell you THAT it works. And with that I mean you wish and you wait and see. Or actually you wish, you don't wait and you see.

I have stopped being VERY surprised, I am still surprised, and also very grateful that it works this way.

What I have noticed is that things always happen when I least expect it and always after a "dry spell". It It seems like nothing not anything, not even a tiny spec of something will happen. And I get restless and sometimes I cry and sometimes both at the same time. And I also know this, this fear for nothing. It still happens though. And it's ok. I'm ok with it.

What I do, and keep doing, is give myself a lot of breaks. And I just keep on keeping on. I keep writing blogposts, making pictures, posting on Instagram. I keep doing my best and I make sure I stick to my practices; meditation, park walks, early morning strolls and hugging with trees.

About three weeks ago I had to think of a girl I met at a market almost a year ago. She works for Die Deutsche Welle. We had a lovely conversation and there was a Luft Ballon floating in the air with the text "Die Welt" on it. I had to think of her.

A few days later she emails me, if I still remembered her, they were doing items of people that moved to Berlin and if I was interested to be featured.

I was. Click here to see the result.

Thank you Mama Universe. And thank you for reading.

I hope this post helps you in some way. If you know someone else that might benefit from it, please share with them.

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With Love,


picture courtesy: @o_j_cole

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