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Honey, nature's BIG magic

This tip might sound strange coming from someone who promotes a vegan and plant based lifestyle.

I will explain further on why you should drink honey but first let me tell you that when you decide to consume it, or if you already are, be aware about what you buy. There are beekeepers that are wonderful to their bees, and ones that are not. If you buy honey in a regular supermarket, chances are these are not happy bees. Stay away from those types of honey. For natures sake and for your sake. Your body deserves the best just like nature does.

For a long time I didn't eat or drink honey anymore. For reasons that had to do with compassion for nature and for my earth brothers and sisters.

Then I found out through a talk from Sadhguru that honey is the thing that comes closest to blood. So I decided that it was ok for me to drink honey again. Mind you, if you don't want to gain weight only add it to warm water.

The following is a copy paste from this article:

"Sadhguru: Honey is a substance whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood, and it has a different impact on the system depending on whether you consume it raw, with cold water, or in warm water.

#1 Honey combats anemia

#2 Honey balances blood pressure

Red Blood Cells

Honey is good against anemia. If you consume a little bit of honey in warm water on a daily basis, you will see, the red blood cell count will gradually go up. Once there is more oxygen in the blood, you will feel a burst of energy. Suddenly, everything will be more active – rejuvenation and cell renewal will go up, and the level of inertia in your body and mind will go down. One of the reasons why women tend to get more easily depressed than men is, they have a lower level of oxygen in the blood stream. If the oxygen level is too low, depression can set in easily.

For people who are doing yogic practices, it is especially good to consume honey. For a yoga practitioner, who is pushing the body in certain ways, keeping the circulatory system and the blood chemistry in balance is essential. Regular consumption of honey brings that balance and makes you more vibrant."

I have noticed that my skin looks more clear and whenever I drink a warm glass of water with honey I feel held, comforted and soothed.

Thank you for reading, and only choose good honey so that you support the beekeeper, bees in general, mother nature aánd yourself.

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