How to Communicate with your Inner Self

A quote from Seth that I read in Lynda Madden Dahls Facebook page earlier today was this:

" A Lack of Communication between the Ego and the Inner Self is obviously one of the main causes for difficulty."

Which made me wonder instantly, have I communicated enough with my Inner Self lately, and how do I actually communicate with my inner self. Which is really interesting coming from me because I AM living super intuitively. But hey, doesn't matter, the question came up.

Not a moment later I see a comment from someone on another post: " Most people could not handle a knowledge of future lives in the present, They would always be looking for greener pastures, so to speak, and life would lose that necessary clear focus. You can try to contact future selves, however symply by trying to do so. It is better to concentrate on the subjective reality involved - that is easier, for if successful you will automatically tune into the future self that "emerged" from your present reality. You can receive quite beneficial advice in such a manner - " from the Personal Sessions Book 3 Deleted Session July 25th 1977

What I noticed was that the difference between my birthdate and this date was a number very significant to me, I decided to like the post and I was the 22nd "liker". And also this is a very signicant number to me. I had to giggle, because THAT is how my Inner Self communicates with my ego, mostly. I already knew that, but somehow I temporarily forgot it :-D.

You too are constantly communicating with a larger part of yourself, or actually it is what you should be doing. It makes your life here on earth way easier.

How do you know that you're communicating? Are there cues? This is different for everyone, you know what your way is. And you know because, well, you just know. It is this inner feeling that this message, this number, book title, song on the radio was sent to you by you.

You feel on point. You feel in the flow. And you are there because you have been choosing what is nicest for you to do from moment to moment to moment. Even when you have the choice between two crappy things, there is always one less crappy.

Whenever you feel resistance, don't do it. You don't have to. You THINK you have to, but nothing will happen really when you don't.

As Bashar says: "Pain is the result of resistance to the natural self."

And that is how you follow your path.

And when you're afraid that you'll lose your job, your relationship, a friendship, or something else when not doing something, then you're probably better of without that job, lover, friend anyway ;-)

But that, That requires a whole different level of trust.

Just stick with me and the teachers that I tip you, and you'll be a trust machine in no time.

Much much love,


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