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How to keep that glow. Especially during Autumn.

Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Does your skin start to look more dull now that the days are getting shorter and colder?

There are a few simple ways of fixing this. One way is by eating and drinking certain things and cutting back on others. And another way is by a few skin care routines.

All of the tips I share with you, have been proven to work for me. We are all built differently though.

Glow inside out

The things that help my skin shine and keep her colour are pure vegetable juices like: Carrot Juice and Beet Juice. If you start with a mix first thing each morning your skin will be glowing all winter long.

Fresh ginger tea works wonders for me too also for my digestion. But I don't drink too much of it. I only drink something when I'm thirsty nowadays. Before I used to down at least 2 liters of water per day which got my bladder working over time and my body in a too acidic state.

If you still eat dairy products and you suffer from acne, than I'm sure that the dairy is causing the acne. Same goes for sugars. But since I know how hard it is to stop eating both I know this might be something you are not enthusiastic about trying. When you see the improvement in your skin, it will become increasingly easier to leave these foods alone. Same goes for too much coffee. I have one cup in the morning and when I crave a second one I take a grain coffee. It gives that nice and bitter taste that I often crave when I crave coffee. And you'll get it all and you'll skip the cons ;-)

For sugar cravings home made nut bars and chocolate brownie bars work wonders. I've added some recipes to my blog. Check here and here.

When your lips are soft and plump you also look more healthy. Or at least, that's how it works for me. My naturopath advised me a tea concoction that I will first test and when it works I will show it with you.

So in a nutshell:

  • Beet & Carrot Juice - first thing in the morning

  • Ginger Tea

  • Easy on the coffee

  • Ditch the Dairy

Glow from outside out


Something else that works like red on a bull is regularly exfoliating your skin with a scrub / mask. Momentarily I'm in Love with the Dark Angels one from Lush.

1. A scrub mask is just as easily made yourself, so if you want to safe a trip to the store and you have coffee and sugar in your cup boards, then you can make it yourself. Careful though not to use sugar crystals that are too big, that might hurt. I love the smell of coffee and coffee polishes up your shine and your natural skin colour. The sugar can help with extra exfoliation.

If you're curly, like me, then add the coffee grounds to your hair too. As a mask. It'll give your curls some extra oomph. Perhaps it has something to do with the caffeine it contains? Who knows. And who gives. As long as it works.

2. Oil your skin with a face oil, have you tried mine already, works wonders too. And you don't have to be scared that there will be a layer of grease on your face. Your skin loves Sweet Almond Oil, it will sink in immediately and it smells delicious because of the organic Rose Geranium essential oil.

If you'd like to start right away with oil you can also make up something yourself with the olive or coconut oil you have in your kitchen. Although I find these two a little too greasy for my personal taste, they might work for you.

3. Add a shiny lip balm or gloss to your lips and you can also add some to your cheeks. On the bone that's more to the side of your face.

4. And the last tip I have for you, for now, is use pink colours.

On your lips ánd on your cheeks. Just a tiny bit of it will give you that healthy "I have worked out hard this morning" look.

So in a nutshell:

  • Use a Face Mask and Scrub. Either from Lush or homemade

  • Hydrate your pretty face using a delicious face oil. You can order mine or make one yourself.

  • Add something glossy on your upper cheeks

  • Use pink colours on your lips and on your cheeks

I wish you a lot of glow. And Love!

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