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How to look Good while Doing Good.

Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Spending money makes me happy. And I think it makes the Universe happy too, because every time I've been stingy with money something goes "wrong" and I have to spend a large amount of money at once.

And while before I thought I didn't have it, it turns out that I did ... (it = the money to spend on the thing that went wrong)

Have you noticed that too, that this happens?

There are a lot of theories about this phenomena, one of them is:

Spending money needs to take place in order to be able to receive or attract money.

When you apply this to anything other than money, it's easier to understand and easier to agree to as well.

Let's apply this balance theory to love. When you are only giving love, it's out of balance and you start to feel depleted so it's time to receive some love. When you're only receiving love, the people giving you lots of love will stop at one point until you have something to return.

When you eat and drink a lot and nothing comes out (sorry if you're sensitive to this picture, it proves a point though!) then at one point you cannot eat and drink anymore.

An apple tree grows apples, brings them to fruition, he gives the apples and the process starts over

Balance my sister. Balance.

I use money as my vote and I vote for: Good, Fair, Vegan, Happy and Supporting Entrepreneurs.

As such I either buy second hand beauties, like this sweater I found at a market, or new of brands and shops owners that I adore.

These are my new gummi boots of Grand Step. A German owned company that makes fair and vegan shoes. I bought mine at Standard Saubere Sachen in Berlin.

I adore the owners Katherina and Kathrin.

I have known them for a while and they have been selling my fra lippo lippies since 2015.

I'm curious what you love to wear. And how you love to spend your money.

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