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Inner Engineering thé way out of unhappiness. Find out how.

Inner Engineering, a term coined by Sadhguru in short means the way out (of misery, of unhappiness of whatever you don't like) is in.

I already heard of the concept inside out living, rely on the inside to create the outside, which was already amazing to practice with. This however goes way further.

My first encounter with Sadhguru was on Facebook.

It was a very funny clip that hit home big time. And a few months later this man was giving a seminar in Berlin. Tickets were only 10 euro (!!!) so I decided to check it out.

When Sadhguru walked on stage during this senimar I got tears in my eyes. This man is pure consciousness.

While nothing he said was new, he says it in a way that hits home and he ignited something in me.

Later me and Sebastian found out that both of us attended this talk of his before we met a few months later during a New Years Eve stay away outside of Berlin.

Not only us, two other people that were at that very same party as we found out later, were present at his talk too .....

I hope that he will mean something beautiful for you too. I wish you and myself a life that is mostly lived being joyful and content and happy.

And I believe that he ------- like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, all people that really lived at one point in time but who's images have been effed up by "well meaning" followers ------- can help us on planet earth from getting into a deeper crisis.

I picked a few that I really liked watching, when you're more of a reader I can highly recommend his book Inner Engineering.

So without further ado, this is the Youtube list. And as I said, I hope he gets to you in the most amazing way too. You can go to the list by clicking here.

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