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My first Tantra Workshop for couples. This is what I learned.

Updated: Oct 23, 2017

If you want to know what I learned from my first Tantra Workshop for couples, read on.

My Sebastian gifted me a Tantra workshop for couples for my birthday. Which would, interestingly enough, take place on his birthday. Which was last Saturday the 21st of October. And if you follow me on Instagram, then you were already aware of the program …

I have to say I was not amused when I received the gift at first. Here’s why.

What happens when you think of tantra? What kind of movie plays on the screen in your mind?

Does it also involve a lot of naked people having group sex?

People looking like that guy in the super market that always wears tracksuit pants with his big white belly peak out from under his t-shirt displaying not only a very white skin but also red pimples and black hairs?

Me too.

And does it also involve people not giving an eff and loving every single inch of their love making machine and flaunting that same machine inside and out (iew!!) ?

I’m with you on this one as well.

And while part of this make the little hairs on my body stand up, at the same time I’m intrigued by and envious of these people accepting the h*ll out of their sexuality and their bodies. I wish that for myself and you too.

Yesterday we got up at five in the morning and both did our meditation practices. The birthday boy got a card and a cake and candles, we had some morning tea and we went on our way.

We arrived after a three hour pretty easy drive and when we got there we found out that we would be with three pairs in total, one of them being the workshop leader and his partner.

In short the day was: kind of fun, exciting, amateuristic, unsafe and I wouldn’t go to a similar workshop again.

So what happened?

The things that were fun and great and exciting and loving were actually all the things that went on between me and Sebastian.

A whole day just for the two of us, no telephone, no family or friends just me and him, but we don’t need to go to a workshop with other people for that. We can also do this at home ...

The first half of the day was a fully clothed exploration.

After the lunch we would do something more, ehm, challenging ...

We could decide what practice we would do and there were three options:

1. We would all massage one person that would be lying in the middle. That meant that the person in the middle would receive a full body massage of the ones next to them,

2. The workshop couple would demonstrate a Yoni massage and then the couples could do this themselves,

3. We would take turns with our partners in asking them how they wanted to be massaged and touched and we would do this. Each couple on their own mattresses divided over the space.

The workshop leader had a clear preference for the first. Sebastian for the second, I was terrified having something so intimate performed on me together with a bunch of strangers but I was willing to go with it and the other couple voted for 2 and three.

It became the third option.

In the meantime the partner of the workshop leader started to display weird behavior.

Later we found out that what I felt already from the beginning, that she was very unhappy in her own relationship and was very interested in Sebastian.

And she was hoping to have some partner exchange fun with him.

Which, you might understand, changed the dynamics and the energy in the room in a not so pleasurable way. I'm proud to say that I managed to stay with myself and my love and our massaging, most of the time. We brought the day to a good end though and even though it wasn't ideal, I'm happy that we went.

It was a lesson in a lot of things and I have tried it and it’s nothing for me. I’m curious if you will go to a Tantra Workshop with your partner, or if you’ve ever been and how your experience was.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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