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No more coffee for me. Here's why I think you should ditch it too.

Updated: Nov 8, 2017

Asking you to quit coffee is like asking you to say goodbye to your beloved dog while he's in perfect health and while you have the space, money and the time to take care of him. You love his companionship and your partner, neighbours and parents love him to.

So this really doesn't make sense. Or does it?

There are countless studies that say a cup of coffee a day is actually good for you. Anti-oxidants and sh*t. And something with " People that drink coffee perform better. That's true for everyone on drugs. Except perhaps paddo's and ecstacy. You would make a hell of a professional cuddler on ecstacy though ....

These kind of studies are funded by the coffee industry or other representatives of interest, so of course they would say that coffee is good for you.

Part of my mission, getting you off coffee too, is a bit selfish and a big part is genuine care for you.

The selfishness is in the fact that I love to share something in common with you and I need more people to understand what I'm going through. Even thought it's less hard then when I stopped smoking. I still don't find it a walk in the parc.

Quitting smoking was one of the most difficult things I've ever done in my life and it was worth every single humongous stress moment.

But. And. Luckily it has great positive side effects. The once that I already noticed:

  • The structure of my hair is amazing, my curls look different, more defined and my hair is less dry,

  • My skin looks more healthy and shiny and it feels better,

  • I feel calmer and apparently I also look calmer,

  • My sense of smell and taste is stronger.

And even better, coffee doesn't get to determine how my day feels. When I would have to miss out on my cup of coffee I would feel cranky, or when we didn't have coffee in the house I would be bummed out. Which means I was addicted to the black stuff.

Not drinking it gave me a massive headache the first couple of days and I felt not so good. Not super bad, but kinda generally meeeeh. And on top tiredness and groggy in the head. So all of this together is a big "coffee is not good for me and you, not good for us" neon sign.

I found an amazing way that makes it easier to stear clear of the caffeine.

There's something here in Berlin called Muckefuck, it's a natural "coffee" made from grains. It tastes like coffee and it doesn't have caffeine.

You can make it just as you would make normal coffee, for if you're also a sucker for the ritual like me and my dear Love.

A few other tips that you might like when you're ready to join me:

1. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

2. Expect that it will feel super crappy the first week (and amazing after that!)

3. be honest to yourself. If you need studies to back your coffee addiction up, then you know you're on the wrong path. It just feels good doesn't cut it here.

Before I leave you, I decided to stop drinking coffee because I'm strengtening my connection to spirit. A few of you might have seen that I'm writing a free e-book on intuition, which I will put up on my website as soon as it's finished.

I can hear my inner voice louder and clearer better when I'm on herbals.

And if you're more the shock type, aka you need to hear the worst case before you stop a not so good habit, this article will definitely do it.

I'm curious if you're up for joining me. You can always drop me a line if you need some support.

Thank you for reading and if there’s anyone that can benefit from this article, send it through to a friend that might benefit from it.

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With love,


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