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An extra post, to accompany the video about refocusing & consciously creating greatness which you can see here

Hi Seth friends, no surprise to us, but still an excellent reminder in today's world of the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, that ANY ILLNESS OR DISEASE—BAR NONE—is caused by our beliefs, and only our beliefs can heal us:

“The naming and labeling of ‘diseases’ is a harmful practice that to a large extent denies the innate mobility and ever-changing quality of the psyche as expressed in flesh. You are told that you have ‘something.’

“Out of the blue ‘it’ has attacked you, and your most intimate organs, perhaps. You are USUALLY told that your emotions or beliefs or system of values HAVE NOTHING TO DO with the unfortunate circumstances that beset you.

“The patient, therefore, often feels relatively powerless and at the mercy of any stray virus that might come along. The facts are that you choose even the KIND of illness that you have according to the nature of your beliefs. You are immune from ill health as long as you believe that you are.

“These are quite practical statements. Your body has an overall body consciousness filled with energy and vitality. It automatically rights any imbalances, but your conscious beliefs also affect this body consciousness. Your muscles believe WHAT YOU TELL THEM about themselves. So does every other portion of your physical body.

“While you believe that only doctors can cure you, you had better go to them, because in the framework of your beliefs they ARE the only people who can help you.

“But the framework itself is limiting; and again, while you may be cured of one difficulty, you will only replace it with another as long as your beliefs cause you to have physical problems.” The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 624 (originally underlined words in caps)

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