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Sweet Sesame Seeds

I know, you know, we both know ... that it's better not to eat sweets.

And we both know that at the moment we blow our last breath, the last thing we'll be sorry for is having all those delicious sweets in our life.

Having that said, I always opt for something that's the least "bad".

Meaning I read the ingredients and go for the coconut blossom sugar, or something that sweetened with dates or otherwise.

And at the moment my preference goes out to making things myself and skipping fruit sugars.

I'm experimenting with a coconut milk based cheesecake for instance, which I haven't got fully down yet. As soon as I do, you will see it in here first!

What I have figured out how to make, finally also without burning it, is a crunchy sesame bar.

I am addicted to sesame at the moment and apparently it's a super healthy seed. This supperfunny rastafari made an amazing rap about it. Watch it here.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Rice Sirup (I use brown and white),

  • Sesame Seeds and you can add other nuts and seeds too,

  • Baking Paper,

  • An oven.

Spread out the baking paper and squeeze rice sirup on there.

Add a bunch of sesame seeds and or other nuts and seeds add more rice sirup on top, fold the backing paper and press it hard so everything sticks.

Fold the paper so that none of the contents can leak out. This happened to me a few times, this is not fun :-)

Put the package in a 10 minute pre-heated oven at 150 degrees. Heat for about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your oven.

Some are quicker than others. So if you're not sure how long is the best, than first start with 10 minutes and check the colour of the sesame seeds and the texture of the sirup. What happens is that it will start to bubble, that is good :-)

When it's done heating, take it out of the oven and let it cool of for about 15 minutes. After that you can deliciciously soothe your sweet tooth.

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Bon appetit!

With love,


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