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That this is being authentic pleasantly surprised me.

Updated: Oct 17, 2017

I was reading Seth Godin's Blog. He's someone I have known for many years

/ not yet personally \

and way back when I was still working in an office he was the best thing since ripped jeans that you see e v e r y where again.

Purple Cow was a big hit of his and another book of which I can't remember the name and it doesn't matter for the sake of this post.

I revisited an old interview with him and it was so great that I decided to start reading his blog again.

By the way, he has been blogging for such a long time, even long before blogging was a word or people (let alone he) knew what he was doing. And that's also something that I love, someone that stuck to something that nobody could see the value of. And he just kept on keeping on.

His blogs are short, to the point and always get me thinking. This one he posted a few days ago and it's a brain opener. And especially welcome for me, since I sometimes confuse being rude (sorry I'm only human) with being authentic.

So here's Seth Godin's take on authenticity and I thank him. "Thank you Seth".

Ánd I love this and it will help me cultivate even more authenticity. Something that I hold in high esteem and that has cost me some sleepless nights already

I wonder what happens with you, when you read it and I hope as much good as it does for me.

For me, it's not "do what you feel like doing," because that's unlikely to be useful. 
You might feel like hanging out on the beach, telling off your boss or generally making nothing much of value. Authenticity as an impulse is hardly something to aspire to.
It's not, "say whatever is on your mind," either.
Instead, I define it as, "consistent emotional labor."
We call a brand or a person authentic when they're consistent, when they act the same way whether or not someone is looking. Someone is authentic when their actions are in alignment with what they promise.
Showing up as a pro. Keeping promises. Even when you don't feel like it. Especially when you don't.

Thank you for reading, and for growing with me.

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With Love,


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