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The Basics of Manifesting

Actually it's the basics of conscious creation. But that title is too long ;-)

My first conscious manifesting success was after I had seen the movie The Secret, which was crazy popular a couple of years ago. I had just returned from my Australia trip and I needed money badly.

I had my sight set on 12k and I landed myself a freelance job earning exactly that.

That is the moment that my conscious creation journey really began. I first started with becoming aware of my every thought, which I will explain later on in this and future posts as to why this is important.

Since then I learned that there is a big difference between LOA = Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation.

It isn't really a biggie, only when you become serious about this stuff, then it really pays to know the difference. And you can separate the crap from the jewels.

Law of Attractions states that we attract anything into our lives by tuning into that frequency and operating on that frequency, like you tune into a radio station by turning the dial. In this case you are the antenna and the dial are your thoughts and your feelings. The most popular people and entities teaching about this are Abraham Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, Bob Procter and Jack Canfield.

The Conscious Creators, led by dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Neville Goddard, Seth and Bashar, know that creation is finished, everything is existing now at this very moment, and you call it into your experience by focussing your thoughts feelings and emotions on the unseen future.

Or said otherwise: You BELIEVE before you see. You behave as the person that has what they want, you are already grateful NOW. Like it is said in the bible: "Pray and Believe and ye shall receive".

Gregg Braden has an excellent Youtube video about this

You noticed that I put a biblical phrase in here, right? Neville Goddard, is the first person that I know of, learned from his master Abdullah \\ a mystic from Egypt that was an expert in the teachings of the Kabballah // that understood how the Bible has to be interpreted. It is an explanation of how our reality works explained in stories and metaphors.

One explanation that I particularly love is this one:

"n the Bible, Lot's wife is a figure first mentioned in Genesis 19. The Book of Genesis describes how she became a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom"

Neville says, don't become like Lot's wife and become a pillar of salt means: Don't look back at the past because when you do you will take into the future what you want to leave behind.

Or said differently, you will always re-create the reality that you are currently experiencing and you do not want to experience anymore.

If you know a bit of the message and the works of Neville than you will find out that as well Joe Dispenza and Wayne Dyer are inspired by his work and the first one is proving scientifically what Neville was claiming back in the days.

When you decide to become a conscious creator you have to realise that we create all day everyday. But most of it we create unwittingly, a word that Neville often used in his lectures. We create by our thoughts and beliefs and the emotions attached to these. Lovely things AND unlovely things.

So to consciously create is to become aware of your every thought. And to turn every unlovely thought into a better feeling one.

There is some overlap between the teachings of the LOA teachers and the other ones by the way, but that's not so interesting. Only when you are dead serious about getting good at "this stuff" it helps to know. Because it helps you to focus on the great stuff.

I will write more about this in the future, for now I will leave you with this AND with an amazing video from Dandapani. He explains how to focus your mind on the positive. Because that is actually what you need to become good at as a conscious creator. FOCUS.

Enjoy your journey and see you in here soon.

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