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The Good thing of Break Ups

Happy New Year dear ones. I needed some time to get myself together and I'm happy to see I'm getting there. Actually I AM there.

Something that I did not see coming AT ALL (well in hind sight I did see it coming but not at the moment ...) has happened. I am out of the Love Relationship of my dreams. That I manifested, looking back I can track where it started and how it all went and it was AMAZING.

And then I manifested it out of my life.

This is the video that I found recently, it was pre Sebastian and I still know how I was feeling. How high I was and how happy I was and full of trust and expectancy. Because what you look for, is looking for you. Check out the video if you're curious.

So fast forward a year and a couple of months and now I am left to realise that I have been putting

myself on the back burner. And I realise that my self love was not strong enough all along.

The good thing is, I can do something about it. By daily practice and work and while it is really hard work, I'm not going to lie ... it is also fun because I am starting to feel myself more and better. I'm starting to appreciate myself lots and lots more. I feel very good most of the time and I can see and feel the endless possibilities that are out there for me.

There is so much more to say about this, and I definitely will in the weeks to come. Either in here or via my Self Love video series that I have started a couple of days ago.

I hope and wish that you join me on the Self Love Quest. Either through watching the videos I made especially for this purpose OR through practices that you find to be helpful for you.

Baby, we can soar SO HIGH when we come from that filled up place of self love and appreciation.

Lots and lots of love and thank you for reading.

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