The Language of The Universe

Gregg Braden already talked about it in his registration called : The Divine Matrix, and yesterday something happened that helped me understand this. Finally.

So Gregg Braden, you might have heard of him, I talked about him before, is a scientist turned spirituality explainer for lack of a better word :-D

He says that the language of the Universe is gratitude.

And yesterday I finally understood this when I had lost one of my favourite necklaces.

What you should first understand, believe, trust and know is that every single moment you are experiencing, EVERYTHING, from opening the door to reading this post, to eating chocolate to petting your cat is a chosen probable reality.

So when you know and believe that you also know that you can materialise back into being with you because when you have something in your possession is a chosen probable reality, when you lose it is a chosen probable reality and when you find it again another probable reality.

Lynda Madden Dahl helped me immensely with this with her book "Beyond the Winning Streak" in which she talks about how she materialised her lost engagement ring back.

And actually Josiah Brandt also talks about having materialised something back that was stolen in this interview, somewhere at the end of this interview.

So how did I do it?

By, after panicking, realising that it was just a chosen reality and that I could choose otherwise. I read that part of Lynda's book again for pointers on how she did it and the most important things were:

Knowing that everything exists in the now, which means that there is also a now where I have my necklace.

I felt the necklace around my neck, touched the pendant, saw myself wearing it again and relaxed as much as I could. I said "thank you, thank you, thank you" to the "future" part of me that I asked for help in this matter and that had the necklace again.

An hour from when I found out I didn't have my necklace anymore, I went to my yoga school to see if they had perhaps found it, because it was the last place I could remember having it, and they did.

And I was over the moon. And I am over the moon. Not only because I have my beloved necklace back.

Mostly because I know really really really understand that I choose from moment to moment to moment. And that the point of power, as Seth always says, is NOW.

It is always NOW. And you choose what you want to experience consciously in the now by feeling grateful to already have what you want. And THAT is the language of the Universe.

Have fun finding this truth for yourself, it will make life so much better and easier and more fun.

Much love


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