The Whispering Technique

A New Perspective.

If you want to do anything good, it helps to understand what you’re doing. Before you go on, do not worry that this is some kind of manipulation technique. When you really believe you create your reality, then you understand that this is a big part of the creation of your reality.

It is all about intention and energy.

You might have heard of it. What it is that others do, say, behave like is what we whisper to them in secret.

Sometimes this is literally so, they literally say what we intended for them to say.

Other times it is their behaviour that reflects what we were whispering.

We are creating all day everyday AND we are also whispering all day everyday. To people, to situations, to traffic lights, to parking spots, to free coffees. Manifesting IS whispering.

How? With our ENERGY. With your Beliefs. With your thoughts (which are again energy and vibration).

We are energy, vibrating at a certain speed. The higher your vibration, the higher the speed of your energy, the higher the vibration of the things that you are experiencing.

So when you do the whisper technique to get a certain result from a person, know that what you are sending really is energy. And that is what they feel.

Have you ever said something nice to someone that you really didn’t like really. How did they react. Confused probably, because your energy says one thing, your words say another thing.

Or have you had anyone else say something nice and you just knew they weren’t truthful. How did you know, you could FEEL it.

So whenever you whisper something to someone, your energy determines the message that comes across.

Are you whispering from neediness? Are you whispering from joy and fun and let us see what this brings? Are you whispering from anger, from despair? Are you whispering from love?

The second important thing is, are you whispering and then waiting for the response? Or are you whispering and do you then feel the feeling of satisfaction, because you already moved to the other end of the stick, meaning the receiving end?

You whispered, they received the message and then you move from the whisperer to the receiver and you feel and imagine getting the message.

A done deal.

Energy, trust, knowing, receiving and believing.

And before I go … did you realise that you are whispering to yourself all day everyday, too. With your thoughts and feelings about YOURSELF.

That’s all.

Have a lovely day.


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