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Thinking the Opposite is not only refreshing, it also sets you free. Here's how.

Do you get annoyed when a lot of people play with their handy when you're riding the tram.

And do Social Media posts get on your nerves because there too fake?

What if you gave yourself, and other people, a break.

And what if you instead would start thinking opposite thoughts?

What if this 25 year old is texting his grand mother? She just came home from the hospital where she got treated for something that luckily turned out to be a benign lump. It was very scary and everyone of the family chipped in so that they could buy nana her first smart phone. She's going insane with all the emoticons, she's like a kid in the candy shop. He never knew nana would be so communicative and he loves he gets to talk to her a lot of times a day, now that she's still "with us".

And this "fakeness" on social media. What if you and I would realise that this could also be wishful posting; Post it until you make it ... Or if this is really such an amazing beautiful life they are having and we feel pangs of jealousy, what if we would use this feeling as fuel to go after our own dreams.

I recently wrote a post about how we can use jealousy to our benefit. Click here to read it.

What I recently also realised is all this discomfort with posts that only show the happy side of life, pushes is into real-ness. We know we got work to do on ourselves when we get angry, sad, uncomfortable and what not when we get bombarded with these posts.

So all of this is actually an opportunity for us to grow, to become more loving towards ourselves and others and to think something different from the rest.

Just because everyone is complaining about it, doesn't mean that you and I have to do it too. And just because you got annoyed or sad about exactly these topics yesterday, doesn't mean that you have to think the same way today.

Cheers to thinking the opposite. And freeing yourself from the norm.

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Thank you for reading and thank you having the guts to think differently.

With Love,


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