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What if you had one more year to live?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

If you are super duper stuck, unhappy and feel like you can't hit more rocks on the bottom then I congratulate you. Because from this place, the only way is up.

I decided to quit my job after long contemplation. About four years ago I could see two choices for myself:

1. Be unbelievable miserable about being stuck in my life. Having the same routine from 9 to 5 for five days a week and the same routine in the weekends and the Holiday's with no challenges apart from how will I get through this immensely unsatisfying week ...

2. Or be unbelievably miserable about the fear of not knowing what would happen after I would have the guts to quit my job, leave for Australia with Euro 12.000 to my name

When I took the leap and went for number 2. it turned out that I wasn't miserable. Fearful, yes from time to time. But I also KNEW that something bigger than me had my back. That I wasn't alone and that THAT which we can not see wants me to succeed and be happy.

It's the same for you. And all the cliches are true. After you've made that decision you dread so much and you find yourself still living on the other side of that decision, you will find yourself loving and laughing and jumping for joy.

You will find what it means to really life. You will start your ode to life. And while you will break down in a panic from time to time and ball your eyes out, those moments pass and they are worth all the freedom, success and blissful adventure you get in return.

My tips for you.

I had one thought in particular that really helped me push through:

What if I would hear that I had only one more year to life, what would I have regret doing?

I really immersed myself in this thought and I was part of a coaching programme (365 dagen jouw jaar) which was also dedicated to a good friend the both men responsible for this now hugely succesful programme lost a year prior to cancer.

When I had finally decided and was felt like a new born and was excited about life again. Although I didn't know how on earth I would be able to sustain myself without:

a steady job,

income and

without a clue what to do

All I thought I could do was online media but it turned out different ;-) and I had some help (still do) from the Universe along the way in terms of opportunities and cash flow

I knew I had to change my way of thinking. I had to learn from people that were doing what I wanted to do in the future: Live from my passion.

These teachers and teachings I found in the movie the Secret. The books The Power and The Magic all from Rhonda Byrne.

If you want to start, then I suggest you start there. With an open heart and an open mind and the belief that you can do anything you set your heart to.

And let yourself be seduced and hugged by the magic of life that is all around you. Because you are not alone. You are always supported. And if you need someone to help you through difficult times, I'm only an email away.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Send it through to any friend who might benefit from this.

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