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When things in your life go wrong, it's not what it seems.

Updated: Oct 25, 2017

For everyone believing in the law of attraction, like myself, this video by Teal Swan is going to explain a lot.

I remember going through something painful and rough and thinking to myself; "What did I do to attract this into my life?"

The only thing I could come up with was that this had a good reason, I just couldn't see it. Yet.

What happened exactly was that my very first and super big order got cancelled after I sent it over.

The way it came to me was nothing less of magic, I wished for contact with that store and they contacted me before I even had a chance to find out how to reach out to them. So I knew on another level that what happened had to be part of "the plan".

And still I couldn't help but feel very very bad about it.

Coincidentally (but not so coincidentally of course) I found a video of Teal Swan explaining that what I struggled with.

If you sometimes struggle with the same, then click here.

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Picture Courtesy: @caleb_woods

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