When you're feeling low, do this

This post is inspired by a dear friend and I know more people will get benefit from this. S, this one is for you. First understand this:

When you're feeling low, this is what happened: You have been telling yourself things that are painful and not true.

Our emotions are our guidance system, when something or someone doesn't feel good, we need to stay away from it.

We find out later, that we are creating all of it and the behaviour of the other person, but that's for another time to work on.

First thing to do is to get out of feeling low, because suffering as Seth says, is not good for the Soul.

How do you get out of feeling low? By having a schedule or a program. At least for a couple of days, let's say a week. You need to be able to trust something, and a schedule can help accomplish that.

Regularity breeds trust. For example: When you know that your favourite yoga class starts at 8pm every Monday, you know when to book it and when to go. When you don't know when it is and you will find out a couple of hours before it causes irritation.

And of course not just any schedule, a self love and self care schedule. Feeling low is an indication you have been lacking in this department.

This is what I would recommend, adjust as to what feels great to you, if you don't know what feels great to you because you drifted so much off from yourself, just follow this:

1. KNOW that this is a temporary state and soothe yourself by affirming: I am taken care of, I am loved, I can trust in life because I AM alive.

2. Start your day with a text or a video that reminds you of the nature of reality (you creat it). The overall feeling you are looking for is one of "hallelujah, yes I trust myself". If you feel guilty or shitty because of what you created up until now, go back to 1.

You aren't alive to blame and guilt yourself, you are here to learn how conscious creation works.

3. CRY when you need to, release pent up negative energy. Feel sorry for yourself. Go full into victim mode and then get back on your horse, pedestal, whatever it is you feel good on.

I do this once every two weeks and it feels amazing.

4. Eat delicious things that are healthy. I would refrain from meat, actually always but if you like to eat it then stop it at least in this time. Why? Because you're eating pain and suffering and you are already suffering enough yourself.

5. Move your body daily. Dance in a sensual way, walk in the park, sweat in the gym, do yoga, swim, ... whatever you like to do. If you don't have any movement practice, start one. No discussion. You HAVE TO MOVE.

6. When you start feeling good again, loosen up this schedule, because nobody get's happy from being rigid. Especially not people with a feminine essence (either men or women) and just stick to doing at least 30 minutes a day that feel good to you.

7. Watch your inner conversations vigilantly. Whenever you feel crap, you know that you're thinking something that isn't serving you. Find the thought and tell the thought: Thank you for your feedback, I choose to think something different now.

Lastly, that is in general, AGE has nothing to do with anything, BEAUTY neither, RELIGION.... who cares, WEIGHT; see religion.

What matters is: How do you feel about you.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOU. That is your superpower. Being you. Nobody is you, nobody can ever be you.

So cultivate YOU. Cherish YOU. There is nobody like you.

I love you.


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