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Wishes always come true.

Wishes always come true.

Often times I wish for things and they come true. But usually it takes a while from them to come true and when they happen I don’t immediately get that this was a wish, it happens a few days or weeks after that I think: Well hold on! This is exactly what I wished for!

This happened with Sebastian, he was everything I wished for to the t,

it happened with my working space,

it happened with pr moments for fra lippo lippie,

with salespoints,

anything and everything I wished for roles into my life at one point.

And while I haven’t figured it out completely, yet, I have a feeling that the art is in staying with the every day things, errands, seemingly trivial things.

With not focusing on that what you wished for, but just going forward and doing things even though it seems they lead to nothing at first.

Nothing leads to nothing aka something always leads to something. Every action has a reaction and somehow all the little reactions create the domino effect that lead to that “chance” meeting.

And another thing that I believe, I made my own theory out of it. Is that whenever you utter a wish or a question the answer is formed. We live in a dualistic Universe so if there’s one, there is also the opposite that fulfils the one. Is this making sense to you?

The last one for now; I have found out that when I have an intention to be guided surrender my plan of the day or the moment and just start walking or doing without thinking I always end up somewhere that I wanted; I have found sales points this way, I have walked into people that I REALLY wanted to see that way, and other amazing things happened.

I have a simple practice for you to take this to the test. When you want to find something in your house just simply say what you want to find and get out of your way. Stop thinking and you will find it. Same with supermarkets, if you need something and you don't know where it is and you give a command to yourself and you get out of the way (ie stop thinking) you will walk into it.

Happy experimenting.

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