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You Create Your Reality

You Create Your Reality. And everything in it. No exceptions. When I first learned this I was angry. WHAT? Did I create all this crap (that I was in at that moment) ... I would never do this to myself. Or would I.

When you know how creation works, through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and attitudes, you can start testing.

And with testing you will find out that it really works that way.

The cool thing is you can also change the past. Because there is no past, everything happens simultaneously. Also that you can test.

The easiest way is to start with things that are easy to believe for you. Most people start with a cup of coffee, yeah that is a thing among the people that want to start working with the premise that thoughts create reality.

You can manifest a free cup of coffee just by thinking of it, envisioning it, enjoying it and being grateful for having received it for free. I have a fun story I will share in the future, or maybe I already did. In that case I'll share it again in a new post.

With regards to the past start, again, with something simple like your mother that is annoyed with you because of something. You know she loves you anyway, so that's what makes this easy.

Start imagining that the thing she is annoyed about never happened, or that it was way less of a biggie. The trick is FEEL that is really so.

It works like this: Thoughts (are beliefs) create emotions create reactions in you and in other people.

Another and the last tip for this process is this: Stop focussing on others and what you see happening around you (this is an echo anyway, it is there because some belief, emotion & thought you werene't aware of created it) and start focussing on you and becoming aware of your thoughts and beliefs.

You can easily find out what you believe through checking the important areas in your life right now.

How is your life right now? Are you happy? Are you doing what you love? Earning as much as you want? In the relationship that you want to be in? All these things are in your hands.

It's a process and you can do it. I'll help you, bit by bit, post by post.

More teachers (and where I got my information from) are: Neville Goddard, Seth (by Jane Roberts) Lynda Madden Dahl (a Seth scholar) Sadhguru and Abraham Hicks.

I leave you with a cool story from Lynda Madden Dahl:


CONJURING UP A FUTURE EVENT ……………………………………………………………………….

One afternoon I entered the Moline, Illinois, airport with ticket in hand that would take me to New York City for an interview on a popular late-night radio talk show to discuss the Seth material. But I quickly learned that due to a blizzard in Denver, a major airline hub, and terrible weath­er in other parts of the country, the skies were going crazy. No planes were arriving in Moline on time, and none were leaving even remotely close to their scheduled departures, if at all. The air­port was frantic with passengers trying to re-book to other flights—myself in­cluded, since mine had been canceled.

That New York radio talk show was a plum, and I decided that I abso­lutely didn't want to miss it. So, while standing in what seemed an unending line awaiting my turn to talk to a harried airline repre­sentative about getting me into the air as soon as possible, I started visualizing. Seeing that show time was in less than five hours, I imagined walking into my hotel, baggage in hand, smil­ing at the clerk, casually registering and sauntering to my room to relax a moment and freshen up before the show.

The first thing I was told when I finally reached the airline ticket counter was to for­get it, that it was an impossibility to get to New York until morning. But while the ticket agent was running through the computer's litany of flights one more time, I kept up the visualization. Finally she found a seat that had just opened on the last plane to Chicago, and since Chicago is closer to New York than Moline, I took it. I raced for the gate and reached the plane just in the nick of time.

Almost all the way to Chicago I continued visualizing. I knew I had to drop the anxiety, or at least dampen it, so I made a concerted effort to relax by not thinking about time and by allowing myself to have a little faith that I could pull this off. I decided not to look at my watch again until I landed in New York.

Once we arrived in Chicago it turned out to be an instant re­play of Moline: no New York flights avail­able until morning; horrendous lines to be maneuvered; and finally a seat that opened up at the last minute on the last plane into the New York area, which was actually headed for Newark.

I grabbed my new ticket and ran, thinking that my visual­izations hadn't in­cluded so much exercise and stress. The pilot had bad news, though, as he taxied onto the runway. We were to be grounded for maybe an hour due to a backup in traffic. There it goes, I thought, my last chance. I can't possibly get to Newark in enough time to get a taxi to the radio station. But, what the heck, I'll keep visual­izing and ignoring time.

Don't ask me what happened, but time somehow adjusted it­self for me. I eventu­ally got to Newark and got a cab after learning that my luggage was still in Moline and would not arrive until morn­ing. I looked at my watch for the first time since leaving Mo­line. There was actually time to go to the hotel first and at least check in.

But my story doesn't end there. As I was returning to the hotel from the radio station, in walks a guy car­rying my luggage. Big sur­prise. It had ar­rived on my flight with me, but for whatever reason had not been placed onto the carousel. How it managed to make the last-minute plane to Chicago and the last-minute plane to New­ark can only be answered by the universe. Ditto for how I got to that radio station with five minutes to spare.

........................................................................................ Excerpt from my book Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation, Chapter 6: Minding the Magic of Life


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