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You will not stay single forever. Here's how I know.

I thought, no I KNEW, that I was going to stay single for ever. And there were different reasons why I used to think this, like:

- all the good men are taken,

- I'm not (....) enough to attract the men that I fall for,

- I can't be around anyone longer than ... days,

- what I want from a relationship is not possible, it's a dream

- and more of this bull.

I will give you the short version of the story, because it took some frog kissing, many nights of watching "The Secret", listening to all kinds of personal development material. Which weren't all about having the relationship of your dreams by the way.

Truth is when you're not in a relationship you want to be in, chances are that there are a few other vital things in your life that are "off".

I started to realise a few years ago that everything that I think is reflected in the world outside of me. This is not something that I came up with, it's actually a term and it's called the Law of Resonance.

And this realisation could not sink deeper at any point. Everyone and everything that was in my life was held up against the light of "What in me attracts this person, this situation, this ..."

If you're also in favour of this method, know and understand that whenever something happens that hurts you that you didn't attract the pain or the hurt. This is there because of your judgement of the situation.

The Universe (which is you, your higher self) does not judge, it just teaches and wants you to expand until you have what you wish for.

The last two times that I walked into a "hold on, is this my trap or is this really the man that I will end up with" I was fully aware of what was going on and I went into it eyes wide open.

A few years before that I would go in and pretend it was La La Land and in hindsight always knew this was the stupidest thing ever. But not, because every relationship that has turned my world, my stomach and my tear-duct upside down and inside out were worth it.

When I finally met Sebastian, who is seriously everything that I wrote down on my list of wishes AND more, I was ready to face it. Because as you know, being in a relationship brings up so much sh*t that you thought you dealt with long ago.

And I just recently realised that if I would have met Sebastian sooner, it couldn't have lasted because I wasn't ready to face all the insecurities that he brings up in me.

How do I know for sure that you will not stay single? If there's a wish from your part to be in a relationship than you will be. Because that's how life works. You don't know when you will meet him, and if you meet him if it's him. But believe me, there are no mistakes. As Oprah says: "There is no wrong path Fool! Every path directs you to your destiny."

And this is also true for Love Relationships. Come back soon so I can share with you the literal things I worked on to prep myself for calling in Sebastian.

Thank you for reading.

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