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Your sense of Responsibility brings you Magic

Updated: Dec 22, 2017

It feels like I am some kind of a manifesting high. Things that I have been envisioning are happening in rapid tempo.

And I have found out what the magical ingredient is: Responsibility.

Everything that is happening in my life. Every little detail, from the amazing to the less amazing things are my responsibility.

And yes I hear you say: But how am I responsible for (enter something scary, or sad or something else unwanted)? Some events are outside of your field of influence, how you react to them IS your choice.

You can have pain or you can make the pain worse and it turns into suffering. That's a choice.

I can tell you that when I feel great, amazing things happen around me and vice versa. That's enough proof for me. Think back to similar instances in your own life do you agree it works like that for you too?

Why not take it to the test and focus the next 21 days of your life on thinking only positive and uplifting thoughts.

And one tip, whenever you feel like things are going south, stop for a moment to reflect upon your thoughts.

"Worrying is trusting that something bad is going to happen. Faith is trusting that something good is going to happen."

And this is especially true for your Business and your Work. The results you see are a direct reflection of your beliefs of your worthiness of success, of how you view your Work and your Business.

One tip before I go, whenever you go into a hurry or are afraid that "the competition" will be ahead of you STOP what you're doing. Calm down and KNOW that there is more than enough for everyone. Nobody can take anything from you and you don't have to take anything from nobody. You can CREATE because you're a powerful being. Hence you created life for yourself.

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Have a lovely one today.

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