Naked Lip Balm - Coconut Glitter Hearts


These cute lip balm hearts are made out of Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Candelila wax, coconut aroma and cosmetic golden glitter.


You can choose if you want to bring by your own glass jar, or if you want me to provide a recycled one. 


A batch of 5 pieces costs 10 euro's and one heart contains a bit more lip balm as half a standard 5 ml stick.


All orders come including a little tin in which you can transport your lip balm safely.


You can either pick up your order at my office, or have it shipped to your place. Choose glass pot when checking out. 


Thank you for adding to less waste by choosing naked lip balms!!


How to use video.


Much love,


Number of hearts
Recycled Glass Pot

fra lippo lippie because you love animals, handmade  products and looking great naturally!

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