REVIEWS of my vegan Fra Lippo Lippie

"Dear Monique, 
I’d like to thank you for my order personnalised and prepared with all that love and care and also for the beautiful quality products. "
Laura Hoareau 

"Hey again :)

I ordered brown sugar from genuine selection and it is just WOOOOW!

The most gorgeous colour and also the Kind of colour I was looking for for years! 

I wear it all day every day :D 

& this Formular is also incredible. It stays on my lips the whole day and doesnt even fade while eating & drinking. 

I surely will buy more of your colour Range or custom made colours soon. 

Many thanks, 

Lilli "

"I am SO happy with my custom colour, also that it's matte and it doesn't dry my lips like the other lipsticks!!" - Wendel

"Dear Monique, I really appriate your message and you! It's true what I wrote, I carry a lippie wherever I go and I really enjoy using it. I have shown it to countless people, talked about it to friends and it was and is a loyal companion on trips and events. Whenever I reach for it, I am in awe of you - a maker of beautiful products and a beautiful being and soul. So sharing the creation you made especially for me is a pleasure and I hope to spread at least a tiny ounce the joy that I feel when looking at it and using it with others. I do love the colour and I will proudly carry my new Döschen with me! - Franziska S.

Hi, when I ordered a Denise Roobol bag quite a while ago I got one of your lipsticks for free (I absolutely loved it and got some for my friends as well) I've been following you since back then. Just wanted to let you know that you're an inspiration and I love watching your journey. You rock!" - Katherina Kovac

"Even though it was a bit unusual first to use my fingers, I now enjoy it because it's really giving myself some sensual & sexy time! And your product is great. and I'm already slightly addicted, says a lot for a make-up newbie like me" - Maike D. R. about applying her lip & cheek with her fingers

"Sina loves Oh Sheila, she has been wearing it every day" - Annie about Sina

"Hi Monique, thank you for all the beautiful goodies. I am superhappy with it, and everything looks so beautiful too!" - Tessa D.

"hmmm this tastes delicious!! you little coconut" 

- my love Sebastian

"I just tried out your new lipstick color and I am have to say that it totally wowed me !!! Creamy, super opaque with a satin finish. And it is the perfect fall shade 😍 Madonna is my new favorite !!!


I also compared it to the highly popular MAC shade "Twig" and they are really similar! Finally a vegan and cruelty free version of a extremely sought after shade.

You really did an amazing job!! 

" - Annie G.

Damn, Red Betty is so pigmented, a very pleasant surprise. High pigmentation is hard to find in most vegan, red lipsticks, it is awesome. 

Brown Sugar is beautiful too! Great products! :) " - Cæcilie 

" I LOVE ZIGGY! My jam"  - Claire R.

"The colours are so strong and they last super long!!"  - Denise R. on the different lip & cheek pigments 

"I just tried out my coconut lip balm, and it is delicious!!!" - Nadine K.

"Finally a lipstick of which I love the colour ánd the texture. I'm so happy I found your products!" -  Kathrin

"This lip butter doesn't stick! And it tastes delicious too!r- Boyfriend on market after kissing his girlfriend applied the coconut lip butter

"Thank you for the quick shipping and thank you so much for the extra present, it's beautiful!

I love the colours and already tried some out. Rebel rebel will be a christmas present for my sister, I think she will love it. :)

I really like how smooth and easy you can apply the colours and also, I really like their smell!"Anna L.

"Your new colour Oh Sheila inspires me!"

Danielle E.

"I tried it and I love it  It also lasts much longer on my lips than other lipsticks, that's amazing too"

Sofia R.

This colour is perfect for me!!!Manon B (very fair skin and blond hair) about Brown Sugar


Me to a blogger who bought A Whole Lotta Rosa at a market and made a beauty video featuring Rosa: "I've seen your video and I loved it!"

She: " Thank you! I'm obsessed with it ♥ " - S.B.

"Fra lippo lippie is a breath of fresh air after all the things I put on my lips before I discovered this. It not only does what you want it to do, it is also a healthy and kind choice and you don’t have to be a vegan to feel this way. Additionaly it also has a great texture and it smells delicious, clearly not made in a factory and exactly what I am looking for! It is different, good and very pleasant to use.- Flavia W.

"I'm addicted to my Brown Sugar!" - Anjal

"I love my lippie! Colour is great and it feels awesome!"

Sarah W.

"Oh My God! These lip balms smell delicious! I have to be careful not to eat them."

- T. J.

Dear Fra Lippo Lippie: Thank you! My lips feel smoother and sexier! I love the texture, the taste and the smell! I could almost eat you up if I didn't know I'm not suppose to..."… - Karina

"I'm so happy with my Fra Lippo Lippie! I don't know,  maybe it's because it's made with so much love and totally suits my 'non-agressive' niyama in the yoga path  Most defintely I like it also because it gives a subtle colour to my lips and I have to use it only one or two times a day to make my lips feel soft! Oh and it's tropical weather proof I just found out here in India- Brenda B.

I love Madonna, I have been wearing her everyday!- Anne T.

"Hi Monique,

I just got the little package with Brown Sugar in today's mail. WOW. Just the right colour. I'll love this one to pieces. Thank you!

Keep up the good work :)




I love fra lippo lippie. It’s not only Delicious lip balm,  it’s made with 100% pure love and, last but not least, it’s 100% (animal) cruelty free. #Vegan, what else!?! Go Vegan if U really care… - Remco S.

"If you are looking for a heavenly scented, deliciously nourishing lipbalm

(or lippie as I am now accustomed to calling them) that is vegan

 and affordable? Look no further! Monique has mastered the magic that is making lip make-up and I am proud to say I've been a witness of their development from the very beginning. My personal favorite is the Kokomo as I am a bit of a coconut fiend and this truly satisfies my needs. A little goes a long way and this little baby goes with me everywhere!" - Manon B

"I really love the lip butter. It smells wonderful and the subtle tint is really nice." - Anna K from 

fra lippo lippie because you love animals, handmade  products and looking great naturally!

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