It's not about expensive or cheap ...

August 26, 2016


I used to pride myself in finding bargains. And I used to view (actually judge things) as cheap or expensive.  This is changing slowly but surely.


When you’re making and selling something tangible, everything else that is tangible gets new dimensions to it. I value and honour other entrepreneurs that make things with their own hands.


Creating is one of the most amazing things there is. You see something form from an idea to something you can hold, feel, touch smell. And there are living beings, energies and effort behind the thing you're holding, wearing, eating, sitting on, in, next to.

With this new found depth and appreciation of making, of creating I also started to wonder how it’s possible that things are labeled expensive or cheap. I've heard them both being said about my products. And it's always in the mind of the be-judger.

Both words, I don't even want to repeat them anymore, are a value judgement and they both entail something that I don’t want to be a part of.


They're both too big for their contents and at the same time they're too narrow. They do not do justice to the process behind getting the products in the world. If we're happy that these products are offered,  that's another discussion in and of itself.

Everything you see, every little thing, has been put together from different parts. It has traveled to the store near you.

It has been thought up by someone. A package or label has been invented. It has been handled a few times by middle men, customs, shop personnel, the people that sell the different ingredients etc.

Do you know the axiom you are what you eat? I decided that I am also what I buy.



Also, what does this product actually do? Does it make me happy when I look at it? Wear it? Eat it?

Does it nourish me? Do I feel valued, loved?

Or does my skin break out, do my butt, thighs and waste-line grow when I eat this regularly?

Does it carry my body well?

Do I feel the craftmanship through it? Did other’s suffer making it?


Money flows. Always. And fear of running out is a concept that I choose not to live by anymore.


And since I live by the premise that everything is energy I only choose something in my life that makes me feel good. I wish you try it on too and hope it brings you as much as it does me.



Peace, love and paws.


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