The relationship between your butt-shape and success ...

August 26, 2016




I'm back from my Portugal adventure and in between my own houses at the moment. Now I'm staying at my parents' and in a week I will be house and cat sitting in Amsterdam and in between I will be in Berlin to visit friends and look for a new place in Berlin.

While sowing lipstick pouches in the attic I was listening to another Peter Sage interview on London Real.

I recently learned about this legend through a dear friend that is walking the same path as I am which is living a life based on a new paradigm instead of the 9-5 hamster wheel , work is not supposed to be fun etc.

In this mind-blowing interview, filled to the rim with wisdom, I heard him say: The defining characteristic of somebody that get’s greater "is down to the shape of their butt".

You know how your mind goes way quicker than your fingers can type. And that it was only a split second in between him saying that, Brian Rose laughing, me being surprised and intrigued and him explaining.

And even though it was a split second I already had this whole image of someone with a tight shaped butt like let's say Halle Berry. I was thinking about her working out a lot to keep her butt tight and having to have a lot of will power, character and determination. So yeah, I could totally see this.

A short personal side step here before I reveal what Peter had to say about butt shapes...

My mom's husband, or my dad as I call him, has been unlucky in his work for a long time.

I can relate having quit my unhappiness myself. Almost daily I'm learning new insights mostly from people that are doing extremely good for themselves doing what they love.

In the mean time I believe I've got something to bring to the table to help him stepping in the best version of himself.


Ok, back to butt shapes.

“          Most people’s butt shapes is run by their story rather than their aspirations, by their fears rather than by their challenges. And what I mean by that is that you can either say you know you don’t understand I’d have the same prospects in life, I’d have a good paying job, I’d start my own business …. BUT”

and only then I realized he meant a different butt …

“I don’t have the capital, I don’t have the peergroup, whatever it is. And people that have that kind of but will forever stay in to me*)


“But than there’s others. With the same circumstances, will turn around and say: I don’t have the resources, I don’t have the money but I’ll find a way”.

I know what shape I want my but to be. You?

*to me is the first stage of consciousness that means life is happening to me = victim mode.

Thanks for reading and see you soon cookie.


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