What happened after the relationship video ...

August 26, 2016


After the last video* a lot of things happened and mostly have to do with me being scared of showing myself and feeling very unsafe and afraid to share this about myself.

* video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzoBWCp_NAc


Also in my business something happened that really shook me, a very large order was returned for the second time, while I made a lot of effort in making it exactly as the store asked me too.

And the interesting thing is, it is the only store that has ever had a complaint – and reason to – and then for the second time it went wrong.

Then in my romantic life …. I am very attracted to this man that I’m getting closer to which I’m trying to block because I don’t want to be attracted to him, because he has not done anything to deserve my attraction – which is bullocks now that I’m reading it – and he triggers so much old pain that I’m working through bit by bit. And in which I'm learning so much that is worth sharing for more people than just me and I'm mustering up the guts to share about it.

Then my financial life. That is also interesting at the moment. It seems like it's standing still, even going backwards but there are also interesting wins. So I'm not sure what this is about and if I have influence over this now or that it is all being worked on behind the Universal scenes.

And then my winning contests life ;-) I just won tickets to an amazing workshop of this lady called Sasha Cobra. Which is pretty amazing because they are valuable tickets for a valuable workshop. And until recently I did not even know who this lady was. And after being extremely intrigued by her and her teachings. I went to a short intro night and entered a contest. And now I’m the winner of the workshop.


I believe this is another step into this amazing adventure called growth.

If you don’t know her, check out this video below. It explains what her views are and what she teaches. It does not matter if you don’t understand Slovenian, her answers are self-explanatory.




Then my body life. Me and my body are growing into close friends again. I'm proud of her and love her more and more. I have been overweight again for quite some time and I have always been in between my perfect and my over weight. Most people would say that I looked great. But it is not about looking great, it's about feeling great and when walking feeling like I'm flowing.

I'm drinking a lot of water and I eat about half of what I used to eat before which now isn't a problem at all. The first few weeks I had to work myself through my eating addiction. Because that's in fact what I had, an addiction to food and chewing. Then I daily exercise because I like feeling my muscles and feeling tight in my skin.

And then also .... If you believe in energies and planetary constellations, which I do, if you throw these in the mix than you have a nice roller coaster cocktail. You can imagine that I have a lot to digest at the moment. And I’m taking my time in doing so.

Lastly I’m also writing my second publication. I believe that the journey that I’m taking is valuable for more people than just me.


We all have the same basic needs:

We want to love and receive love, we want to feel safe, we want to feel fulfilled and we want to feel like what we do matters to more than just us.

My first publications was roughly a year ago in that I shared my first successes in manifesting. And now in my second publication I will share much, much more. You can find the first publication here.

And you will hear about the second one through my newsletter and my website.

So. That is where I’m at. A new video with new insights that I have on my love journey is coming up soon and for now it’s time for self care.



Much love for all of you. And thank you for being interested in not only me but in yourself and growing into even more amazingness.

Peace, love and paws.


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