Gift me your trust instead of your worry

September 5, 2016


Well, where to begin. I guess at the current end is the best.

It is going very well. With the whole of me which also means my business and the people that I feel blessed to have in my life.

I have done a lot of inner work and healing and I’m back with a vengeance.


I think it was about a month ago that I had kind of an emotional break down. I wrote about it and I decided to have a vacation inside of myself for a while.


A few people reached out to me, very worried, which is super sweet and what they don’t know and what I do know by now is that these dark periods are always necessary to get to a place of even more happiness and success than before the “dark”.


So next time you read me or hear me open up my heart about my feelings don’t worry about me. Just trust that I am a strong woman and that I will get through whatever it is I need to get through and hold space for me.


You know how I love magic. And how I believe in magic. And if I feel a day is lacking of magic I literally ask for it to appear. Usually out loud (when no one is around to hear me J ) , because we can think and talk things into existence as you might know.




On a Tuesday evening, the evenings that I organize the conscious manifesting nights here in Berlin, my Berliner loves organized me a surprise diner.

Super unexpected and so sweet.


They also invited one of my favourite people in the whole world, my Heil Praktiker that has already helped me transform so much. Inside AND outside just through prescribing me the perfect tea customized to my body.


When she left after the evening she told me she wanted to gift me a rebirthing session. Seeing me in the evening and what my mission is she felt that it was time.


I was super happy about this amazing gift and we would get in touch about the details later. I was going to see her anyway the day after, because it was time for my new appointment.


In the night I received a message from her that one of her clients of the next day had cancelled a session and if I wanted than we could do the rebirthing session that day, which happened to be the 31st of August a very important date if you believe in Astrology. It was the last day of “old stuff” and from September onwards a lot of new will form.


So perfect. What I did not know but learned about later was that one of my friends also wanted to have a rebirthing session on the same day. But as you can imagine two is one too many for the Heil Praktiker and even though this friend put a lot of pressure behind it, she wouldn’t budge. She said, it’s time for Monique to have this session.


Interestingly enough I knew nothing about all of this. About my birthday diner. Susanne being there, a rebirthing session as a gift and the friend that wanted to go dearly but she wasn’t allowed to take my spot.


What happened during the session is something I will try to describe but is something you would have to experience for yourself.


I had to breathe a lot, full gasps of breathe. And because of my Sasha Cobra Workshop (for which I won tickets, another THANK YOU MAMA UNIVERSE moment) I already knew what I could expect from this deep and intense breathing.

It starts with a lot of resistance in the body and a lot of uncomfortable feelings anger and tears. And when you go through it and give it your all, you will breathe all the gunk out and will finally land in a total state of bliss where you can feel your true essence.


Susanne explained it like this: We have three layers around us, the first layer is the limiting beliefs we have picked up from everyone, the second layer is (ai I forgot) and then you have your essence.  Which is truth, bliss and happiness.


Yes, pretty woo woo, and once you’re in that state super duper amazing.


A lot of energy built up in my body during this session and I was levitating. I found out a very interesting thing during the session and that is that the under part of my body, starting at my hips hardly felt any energy. Which means that my grounding can be better.


So since a few days I’ve started this amazing morning ritual where I light incence and a candle. I take two of my favourite scented oils and organic shea butter, I put on music and make a cup of tea and I take the time to honor every inch of my body and really feel it and give it attention and gratitude.


A few days in and I can better feel my underbody so I can only imagine how amazing it will be after a few weeks of this.


I’m super happy I’m doing this for myself and what I also realized is that from this place of attention and love for myself only more amazingness can form.


I will share with you what else comes up for me these coming weeks, because I know that I don’t even know 10% of what kind of power I’m gifting myself by getting back in touch with the whole of me. Inside AND out.


I wish you the same and hope that I’ve inspired you to do the same for you.


And if you need some song inspiration for this ritual, this is one of the songs I listen to during this ritual.





Much love and thank you for reading.


Peace, love and paws,








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