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September 14, 2016

I consider myself a pretty sporty spice. And if I would have to do a very intense exercise for 8 minutes I would not blink. Inside I would cry but you wouldn’t see it ;-)


BUT. There’s something that I found out to be one of the hardest things on the planet for me. And that is something that I bet you could not guess in a million years.

And I bet that you would have just as much problems with it as I do.


What is it?




Yes, really. Not the shallow breath we breathe on a daily base.

Real full gulps of breath. Holy EFF what a work.


As some of you might now I got gifted a rebirthing session. Which is a story in itself and a nice one so let me share it with you.


I have a Heilpraktiker here in Berlin (Naturopath) a true Rockstar.


She helped me change a lot of my outer appearance and also my inner world just be prescribing me tea based on the functioning of my organs and on my body type, state of my connective tissue and my irises.

She also tested my morning urine and these photo’s speak for itself, after a period of 6 weeks everything started functioning perfectly again and my skin, and body also looked and felt amazing. And what more is that I do not like wine anymore and hardly want to drink alcohol anymore whereas before I used to drink a glass of red wine almost daily.


If you'd like to know more about this, I wrote a (long) post about my visit to Susanne here





Recently  I turned 40 and my Berliner loves threw me a surprise diner and also invited Susanne, my Heilpraktiker.


During the evening, which was a little bit more special since it was an event I’m hosting in Berlin about conscious manifesting, Susanne stayed and afterwards told me she wanted to gift me a rebirthing session.


Because it would help me step even more into my mission. She said, let’s do it soon and because we had a meeting anyway the next day we would set a date then, I thought.


Around 12.30 am that night I got a message from her telling me someone cancelled their appointment and that I could already do the rebirthing session the next day if I wanted.

This day happened to be the 31st of August which was also a very important  date Astrology wise, if you believe in those things like I do.


Then almost something else came in between, which I had no knowledge of and learned when I got to Susanne’s practice. A mutual friend had a crises situation going on and was already familiar with rebirthing and needed a session. She pleaded, as I understood later, but Susanne wouldn’t budge. “No, Monique has to go it’s her time” is what she said.


Well, I was in for something soul changing.

It was a big effort this breathing stuff, I had got a taste of it during a workshop I won tickets to worth 450 dollars (story on this soon because things have been flowing to me in an amazing way lately) so I had an inkling of what I could expect.


And I was extremely grateful to be guided through this process by someone that I trust completely and that already has helped me change a big part of my health and thus life.


The technique is as follows:

You lie on your back, you breathe in deeply through your mouth and tighten the upper part of your body and neck and then you release as if you let go everything at once.

When you do steadily for some time a lot of resistance starts to arise, tears and anger come up and in my case also visions of when I was a little girl.

Painful situations that still wanted to be healed.


And this all because of breathing.

What happens with everything we experience is that it gets stored in our body if we don’t release it. And since we know that everything is energy, we block our energy also by not breathing through things.


Full deep breathing helps bringing "shit" to the surface so it can be released. You really breathe through it.


Have you ever noticed that when you feel like you need to cry or you get angry and you start breathing that this feeling subsides? Or when you’re afraid of something and you start breathing deeply that the fear or the need to cry disappears?


Well that’s how powerful breathing is.


At the moment I’m making a conscious effort to breathe deeply at least a few moments in a day and this morning I did an 8 minute deep breathing session which seemed like an hour!


During it feels horrendous and afterwards feels amazing. Please gift yourself this and you will see what will happen to your face and your inner world. Have a pillow handy in case you want to scream it out, to put over your head without alarming the neighbours. And also lie on a matras I have already kicked some anger out of my heals during sessions.


After the rebirthing session with Susanne I looked in the mirror and my eyes had the same intense clarity as when I took Ayahuasca. It was and still is amazing.


I hope I have sparked your curiosity and you’re willing to gift yourself life force, prana, breathing.


And if you feel especially generous to yourself, gift yourself a rebirthing session.

It’s one of the most beautiful gifts ever. 



Peace, love and paws and I would love to know how you go! So feel free to drop me a line at hello@fralippolippie.com



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