From boulemic to healthy ...

September 14, 2016



A short note before you go into this story. My story. 


About the previous horrendous and now happy relationship with my body. Every house has it’s cross and every one I know has had hardships in their life.


The ones that I call my friends and respect most don’t let their hardships define them. They take responsibility for their lives and make sure their having fun and feel fulfilled in their lives.


Call their endured shit the “so what” of their lives and move towards fulfillment.

I am more than happy with the Monique I am today. I am her because of all the things that happened. 


So if I had to choose knowing that I would grow into who I am now,  I would choose them all over again.


Me and my body have had a troubled relationship from I was about 15 years old. This troublesome relationship reached it height around that time teens until my late twenties. On the worst days in this time frame I used to stuff myself with all kinds of "you’d better don’t eat that". But of course I did eat it, and lots of it. Afterwards I would feel guilty and then I'd purge.

In short, I had bulimia.


These bulimic attacks always came in waves and thank Mama Universe it was never an ongoing thing.

The first change in relationship with myself was when I started with a form of therapy called “Gestalt Therapy*”.  


During my 5 years in this group, I learned to give a voice and a form to my pain and my grief, hence the name Gestalt. With this clearing of my pain and anger I opened up space for the me that was more compassionate to herself and others. That can love, be and dare more.

In hind sight there are a few important things I did for myself that helped me grow into who I am today:


The first was travelling to Thailand by myself, afraid that I wouldn’t make it back alive but not caring about that when I about 23.


The second was starting group therapy where I had to share my most inner stirrings with a group of total strangers.

The third was quitting my full time job and starting fra lippo lippie, because I was as unhappy as a living human being in Western society could be. If you’re interested in that story too, you can read that here.


And the fourth was deciding to eat mainly vegan. I want to stay away from any form of harm or repression of beings I love and respect. And making an effort to eat mainly plant based is my way.


Of course there’s my vegan make-up, which is an important part of this loving and respecting our furry brothers and sisters,

Last week I reached the fifth milestone of my life.


And that was deciding to gift myself a session with naturopath,  Susanne Abbasisian Korasani.


A dear friend Ola, that I met during new years eve of this year, that I fell in lady-love with, recommended her.

The way she talked about her I knew I had to go there too.


That was not even a week ago and since then I can feel my body transforming.


Something was off lately and I could not put my finger on it. I was gaining weight in spite of making an effort eating healthy and practicing Yoga at least 5 times a week.


By the way I don’t do portion control because I get binge attacks from not eating enough and being an ex-bulimic that doesn’t seem like a particular good idea.


By checking my eyes, squeezing my arms and researching my pee (see photo above) she had a diagnosis within an hour. 

She told me what foods to eat that fit my body, soul and blood type and which ones I’m better of skipping.

Turns out I love eating the way she prescribed me and I eat huge plates - yep this one loves eating -  and guess what. I lost 6 pounds!

I LOST 6 POUNDS. While I am eating more.


I feel happy in and with my body again and this is just the start of it because not even a week has passed.


She also prescribed me a tea that contains about 20 different types of herbs that I have been drinking 3 times a day.


As she says, and as we all know, plants contain millions of years of information and they know how to heal our body. “Let food (and tea) be thy medicine”.

I am so very grateful for Susanne and others like her living and sharing their gift. They help to heal and educate people like me, that want to step in the most beautiful and powerful versions of themselves.


Thank you Susanne. For helping me GROW.

If you live in Berlin and are interested in her work, check her website.



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