Conversations with the Universe - Glue Gun, anyone?

September 27, 2016



Most of you know me and my brand and also that I believe in more than meets our beautiful eyes. 

I call her Mama Universe, or my higher self. 



Believing in something bigger than me kept me sane and with faith and was more than necessary to be able to leap to the other – what the hell are you doing without a regular job 38 years old living together with people in a house again??– side in Berlin.



I'm blessed that the Universe never lets me down. And in fact she gives me so much proof that I know I have to share it, so that more people will trust that their back is being covered. 


And once you know how to talk the language of the Universal, it gets easier until it starts to become normal like for me.


I wrote this post a while ago and this is the rest of the post in it's original form. It was published on my other website, before it crashed, three times which I guess was a sign I needed to update it haha.


So enjoy and happy talking to Mama U. xxx


To be honest I’m afraid a bunch of you think I’m insane in the membrane and at the same time it honks my proverbial horn, because being different from the norm is also what drives me.

One and a half weeks ago I had a wake up call in the form of two overdrawn bank accounts. Eff and oops.


Everything was going so insanely well lately and things I wished for literally just landed in my lap that I thought that chilling was not too bad of a thing.


Just taking everything easy peasy, sleeping in, going to my favourite café, read my books, even a night of way too late, way too much alcohol, way too much of a young man.


And now the bitter fruits where there looking at me, in red.

Thank Goodness that I’m one to get into action when I need to. And because of all the lessons I’ve learned on the Law of Attraction and the inner work I have been doing so far I could spur myself into action in a relaxed kind of way. Instead of panicking, as before, I just went into a state of:

I got this. I know I do, been there done that and now it is time that I write the book on it.


I jumped into the shower, did a meditation for about 15 minutes, dressed and make-upped myself to impress and I made a plan of attack.

I decided to visit a few shops that already sell my fra lippo lippies that I hadn’t checked in a while and also to visit a few new ones.

The first new one did had a “buying stop” at the moment and the second new one I can visit again next Wednesday.


Onto the first existing one which is one of my favourites in Mitte: Harmony Living.

The first time I went there with my vegan stash Dana, the shop owner, helped set up the wooden display to present the lip balms with a glue gun.

I remembered thinking that I needed that, it worked MAD quick. And I never made an effort of really getting one.


This time when I visited Dana, who – thank you Mama – needed a refill on stock – I took the subway to the next store that I know is selling very well to see if they needed a refill too.

In the subway a girl sat beside me and after about three stops she said to me:

“I have a strange question but ehm …. Do you perhaps need a glue gun? I got one gifted but I don’t need it “

… Are you freaking?!? Nice one Mama U ....


I didn’t take her offer, because of something I will reveal shortly.

So there you have it. Or rather I have it. To me that was the sign that my back is still covered in gold and glitters ;-)


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Peace, love and paws.



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