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October 11, 2016



Today I had a new Phytotherapie session, it's a naturopath kind of thing. With Susanna.

I wrote about her before. She's the the pflanzen rockstar.

This lady is seriously the bomb with everything that has to do with natural healing. And it will only be a matter of time until the biggest part of the western world will turn to natural medicine.

If you're interested about her work and my previous experiences with her, I wrote about her before in this article


A few days after my birthday a few months ago she gifted me a rebirthing session. An amazing energy altering and profound session. She gave me tips on how to stay in my newfound strength but I slipped back into some old patterns, with open eyes.


I felt I needed to get back to where I was after the session, so I requested an half an hour session. 

As she is pregnant with her first little girl, and she will stop working soon and I’m not the only one that thinks she’s fantastic she couldn't squeeze me in for a session. So be it, I trust that all comes in due time. And most of the time I can also find the patience to back up that trust. 


Today, the 11th of October 2016, at 11 I had my Phyto appointment.

We planned have lunch with a mutual friend afterwards to have some girl and private talk. I had to leave at 13 though, because I had another AMAZINGLY cool appointment at 14 in Neuköln. Which I will tell you about in a bit, first this one. 


I arrived a few minutes early so I was waiting in the waiting room.

My mind was wandering and at one point I thought about Teal Swan her  presentation workshop thingy the 5th of November in Amsterdam, which I will be attending.


The moment I thought the name Teal, the light in the hallway started to burn brighter. Richtig krass!! I thought.


I didn’t really understand how her name and the light were connected. But ok, I don’t understand a lot of things.


Before I go on into the rest of this story, let's go back 7 months to March, where I had my first ever heart chakra opening.

I just came back from my 6 week Portugal adventure and stayed over at a friend's place in Amsterdam.

Another friend of hers came by and him and me had a weird kind of strong connection. I can’t explain it differently.

We were sitting close to each other in silence and at one point my chest began to vibrate. Later on I learned that was the opening of my heart chakra. 

 …. OK ….


The last couple of days I had been wishing for a similar experience. Because I felt it was needed. No reason, just an intuitive feeling.


Back to today, Susanne picked me up from the waiting room and we were talking about how life was going as all of this is also connected with my body and mind health  and all of a sudden she said:

You know, maybe we should do a rebirthing session for 30 minutes.

The other room is free.

And apparently this never happens out of a blue. And certainly not on a Tuesday. The only thime it happened before was the time that I was gifted my first rebirthing session....

And as our friend had cancelled our meeting afterwards, due to her sick twins, we had time left to do the session.


It was super magical. Again.


I was feeling very drained and wasn’t particularly looking forward to it at first, but AND I also knew that I would work through it. So we went into the other room.


I was expecting a lot of crying and frustration and old pain, like last time and something completely different happened. The breathing went amazingly well and I felt almost no resistance. Then, TWICE when Susanne touched my heart chakra with her fingers my heart chakra started to vibrate again! And this time super electrically charged.

It was so supergeil kras amazing, I couldn’t believe my heart.


Afterwards I was so full of loving energy that I decided to place my hands on the floor and to give some to Mother Earth. You perhaps know that our Mama Earth transmutes a lot of pain and sheisse and you can literally give it to her with your hands and she will transmute it for you.


I strongly felt she needed it and I was happy to give her my surplus.



So, amazingly cool happening number one of the day.


Then. I was off to Neuköln for my appointment with Susann. What are the odds.

Susann is a matrix worker and an energy healer. I never heard of matrix work but I had a feeling about what it could be.


I searched for someone like her for about two years and she came to me through a very special and close friend that has already brought a lot of magic into my life. When she, let’s call her Noerchen, told me about her I knew she was the one.


I was looking for her because when I was younger, around 7 or so I had very long hair, of which I was very proud and extremely happy with. A lot of people on the streets thought so too and were always touching my hair. My hair started to fall out around the same time and my mother, being superstitious, believed these two instances were linked together. She decided that all of my hair had to go, because there were bad spirits tied to my mane and that was that.

I was screaming and crying my lungs out, to no avail.


Ever since there have been issues with my hair, and I could never shake the feeling that it somehow was linked to way back then.


When I learned that there’s something like energetic hair treatment a few years ago I set out to look for the perfect one for me. I was showed a few before but I never really felt them so I decided to wait. Until today.


I arrived at Susann, soaking wet, panda mascara eyes a wide open heart chakra and bright eyes on ayahuasca.


The half an hour rebirthing session at Susanne’s turned out to be the perfect preparation for the session at Susann’s.


Matrix works in a nutshell contains going back into someone’s timeline and clear old and stuck energies.


And what do you know, during the session with Susann, the lights all of a sudden turned from dimmed to super bright ….

For the second time. In one day. KRAS.


She worked a lot on me and I could feel energy shifting and changing. In the days and weeks to come we will see what the sessions with Susanne and Susann brought me on the outside.


For now I’m super happy and content inside.


If you want more clarity and come back to yourself as well as optimise your health I highly recommend Phytotherapie and rebirthing. If you would like to get rid of old stuck energy, that is locked into your system, go for matrix work.


Much love and I hope I inspire you with my journey.






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