Confessions of a Twin Flame

October 13, 2016

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And just when you thought she (that would be me) reached her highest state of woo woo ness ….  


I have a confession to make.


I’m a Twin Flame.

And before I tell you what a Twin Flame is according to the teachers that resonate with me I will give you four reasons how I know that I am one:



1. After finally realizing that I am a hot, smart, funny, eloquent  and sexy cookie worthy of an amazing loving relationship, that’s got moves on the dance floor and gives up her seat to elderly people in trams and buses I find myself again in between hot sexy love.


And while I was first convinced there was something wrong with me and I was just being too critical and I still had to work through old stuck limiting beliefs regarding relationships, thank Shiva& Shakti, Jesus and Mary Magdalene that I found about this concept about 9 months ago.


2. I don’t care about things that the majority of my fellow men care about anymore. I don’t like watching TV or reading the news or do other things that get me in a state of lethargy or pain about what they feed us with in regular news. I’d rather spend my evenings learning more about myself or my friends, what matters in their lifes, what drives them then getting angry about world politics, the financial system etc.  I put my energy in things I can change, I don’t waste it on things that I can not (yet).


3. It is my life’s mission to add to more happiness light and freaking amazingness in the world. 


4. The signs are flying around my ears. The ones they talk about in the Twin Flame scene and signs that I already connected with when I started on my current vegan path.


The signs got stronger the moment that I stopped craving most toxic foods and drinks.


By the way I did not deliberately cut these things out She (my body, as Katie taught me) simply doesn’t want them anymore.


I get a nauseous feeling in my stomach or light in my head whenever my mind wants to eat or drink and She wants .



What is a Twin Flame?


My conclusion of what I’ve read and heard and learned so far combined with what I feel is the truth:

The person that you have decided to pare up with prior to reincarnating in this body. The mirror of your soul, can be male or female. Depending on your sexual preference. It is always a romantic relationship.


And they, we, I am here for a reason.


Twin Flames are not here for fun. Yes they will experience amazing bliss, fantastic sex (YES!) and a beautiful relationship after they work through a lot of pain, 3d stuff (check this or this if you want to know more about 3d, 4d and 5d) but they’re being here on earth has a reason.


To help the planet return back to Love.

By what they do for a profession, through raising the children our planet needs to heal herself, through them looking like a complete looney tune when sharing this but going for it anyway.



When did the rumour about this Twin Flame thing start?


I honestly don’t know. But. And. The great philosophers already hinted at it.


 “ Love is composed of a single soul, inhabiting two bodies” – Aristotle


Plato in his work, Symposium, humans originally were half of a female essence and half of a male essence. After conspiring to climb Mount Olympus Zeus ordered them cut in half. Since that day, every human spends their life searching for their other half





Who were the first ones?


Not the first ones, but the ones that are referred to most: Maria Magdalena and Yeshua


There’s a lot of information about how, what and when of Maria Magdalene and Yeshua alone.

All I can share now is that the bible as we know it is bull crap, and she of course was not what the scared men accused her off.


How do you know if you’re a Twin Flame on a mission?


Not everyone is a Twin Flame from what I have learned recently, I thought or hoped actually it was everyone.


It is not an easy road but one that has to be taken if you're a Twin Flame, there's no choice. And your soul will guide you anyway because it does not settle for mediocre fumbling around in the periphery of things.


It takes a lot of soul searching, reading, listening, digesting and discerning. And you will be pushed into it, so believe me, you will know. 


A surefire way to know if you’re ready for this mission is if you if you are willing to quit your safety for the greater good.

If doing something back for humanity, animals, the world is more important to you then keeping up with the Joneses.



Am I with my Twin Flame or have I met them?


There are all these theories about how you know when you’ve met your Twin Flame. And to be honest, I buy none of them. Yet.


How to know if you’re with one? If you feel like you are together with your mirror and you love each other deeply. It has nothing to do with not having struggles, but let me discuss this at a later time in a lengthier article just about that subject alone.


Have I, Monique Balmatie Jagroe, met mine?


To be honest, I have no clue. I have met somebody that is preparing me for my reunion though.


This hot looking and great beautiful soul already brought up so many deep pains, insecurities fear and hurt that I have worked through. Which is very necessary.


As a Twin Flame we can not help uplift Jack Sh*t when we vibrate on lower frequencies or, in normal terms, care about what the neighbours (or Facebook friends) think of us, when we still choose karmic relationships over divine ones, when we don’t know ourselves yet and make choices out of fear instead of love.



Freaking annoying? Well yes of course! Sometimes.


Sometimes, I wish that I was still in a relationship with my very first boyfriend. The man I was in love with 2 years prior I started dating him.


We would’ve had 5 kids, 3 cars and a few holiday homes. Since we all have free will, we don’t have to go down the Twin Flame path.


But my soul’s calling, as I know see it, was bigger. Much bigger.


If you think you’re a Twin Flame and you usually use the ladies room in bars and café’s then get your cute nose over to my closed Facebook group:


In which I share what I learn on my journey.


If you’re a man and you believe you’re Twin Flame then send me a PM I might know how to point you out to the right teachers.


Ok dear one, thank you for reading and please share this article with family and friends if you think they will benefit from it.


Peace, Love and Paws.








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