Yin Yang

October 24, 2016


picture by Carina Adam - www.carinaadam.com


If you know me, then you know that I am aware. I pay attention to what happens around me, to what I see and hear.


And if things re-occur I know that there’s a message.


It started with this picture of two cats made by a gifted photographer and soul sister called Carina Adam.

These two snugglies made me think of the Yin Yang sign.


In the moments and days after seeing this picture and having the thought the words Yin and Yang came to me through different instances, messages and media. When I was having diner with a loved one that is visiting from Amsterdam I chose to have the Macrobiotic plate. And although I had Macrobiotic food before I could not recall the definition. So I checked dr. Google and this is what he said:


Macrobiotic: Consisting of or relating to a diet of organic wholefoods which is based on Buddhist principles of the balance of yin and yang


So the collective theme, for the ones that are ready to create a New Earth is Balance.

And yes yes big time. That is what I have been doing in myself.

Balancing, shedding old skin.

Shedding old ways of being and situations,.

Taking a break and going within.


Next to entertaining my friend that is visiting.


Interestingly enough, again, appliences have been breaking down around me. This always happens whenever I my frequency changes. So if this is happening around you two, it’s a good thing.


Rebalancing myself also means that I’m rebalancing my relationships, my friendships and my kinships.


We are in “Middle Earth” at the moment. In between two worlds.

The Old where things are still based in war, fear, feeling alone and scarcity. And the New where things are based in Love, Respect, feeling oneness and knowing that there is only true abundance and always more then enough for everyone.


If you have been feeling change around you and in yourself you are part of this balancing act. Of Yin and Yang evening out.


And while it can feel empty and scary at first know that whenever there’s a vacuum it can be filled with something new and amazing. And that of course depends on what you believe in and wish to occupy that new empty space.


Whatever you feel like or happens, please know that you are not alone.


You are just tuning your AM radio into a new station. The antenna can not pick it up perfectly quite yet so you walk around the house with the radio and you point the antenna in different directions, you bend it and you call in the help of sticky tape, ropes and what not in order to get a perfect reception of what you are tuning into.


What I always do in rebalancing situations is that I check out interviews with teachers like Teal Swan.

And recently I found John Wineland and his partner Guru Jagat.

And I also love Gary Zukav and of course Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou.


All these amazing teachers that have been preparing the way a long time for us to step into our authentic selves and help create this New Earth.


You are not alone. And you are Loved.

Thank you for reading and I wish you an amazing start of the week.


Much love,


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