What Gaby Bernstein taught me personally

October 27, 2016



This is an old post, that was featured on my previous website and I revisited it because she has an amazing new interview out, scroll to the end of the post for the video.



I hope you are doing fantastic and are taking steps towards changing your game to live the best version of your life. If you feel the need to that is.

Today I want to share with you what I learned at a seminar of the Great Gabrielle Bernstein a few months ago here in Berlin.

But first I want to share with you the special way in which I got to attend seminar. 

In March of this year, 2015, I went to Berlin to see if I could find a market for my vegan lip balm fra lippo lippie. An ex-colleague of my favourite Paradiso owns a house here and I could rent his apartment.

I learned about Mary B Forleo by coincidence, in which I don't really believe, and I watched a ton of her inspiring Youtube movies and in one of them she interviewed Gabby of which I had never heard before that moment.

I was intrigued by this lady so I watched a few of her own video's as well. 

The next day, waiting for the subway, I all of sudden noticed posters of Ms Bernstein promoting some kind of book. I thought: That's funny, I just learned about here and here I see her promoting this new book.

Well of course the poster kept following me and by than it did not strike me as a coincidence anymore so I thought I probably must meet her to give her my fra lippo lippies.

I read what the poster said carefully and it turned out she was having a book-signing Berlin in a few days, at least that's what I thought. Later it appeared to be a not very un-cheap seminar that I had to think twice about going.

So, I did what I learned from her previously in her Youtube movies. 

Read on below.

How exactly does my vegan lip balm brand fra lippo lippie fit into the equation? Well, I followed my intuition exactly the way I did with attending Gabbie's seminar.


Signs from the Universe


In one of her Youtube clips Gabrielle talks about asking for signs when she is not sure if she should trust her instinct. Her sign for a "yes" is an owl. So I decided I would ask the Universe for a butterfly if I should go to her seminar.

The next day I walked into this jewellery shop and walked on to the back where they had clothing and cards and there I saw it, a butterfly postcard.

Immediately I thought "O bugger! Butterflies are everywhere, I should've also asked for an owl!" I turn my head that instant second and I look up at an owl.


The seminar was wonderful, it was a very inspiring and meditative experience. This lady has a very great gift to touch your heart and help you uplift your energy to a very special goose bumping height.


There are a few things of this day that I find so valuable that I want to share them with you.


- We are not responsible for what we see, we are responsible for how we experience what we see.

For example: Negative messages in the media. I stopped consuming all media because It made me feel bad and powerless and sometimes even responsible for all the hurt and pain in the world because I wasn't doing anything to solve it.

- Your vibes speak louder than your words.

- You keep attracting the same kind of situation of you keep being the same kind of person.

In answer from a question from a business owner that did not know which path tho take:

- Be willing to be imperfect and be willing to play.


- Joy is the catalyst for all that is good, and it can create far more than logic.


Be the Light

A few of her teachings in during this seminar came from other teachers like Rumi, who said that:

- The wound is the place where the light can enter you.

I want to end by sharing with you the beautiful songs of a lady called Jai Jagdeesh.

She sings in Indian and her voice, the sound of the music and the lyrics are so magical that I often use it for singing mediations.

This is one of my favourites and it is a song for protection.


I want to end this newsletter by sharing her answer to a question that I struggled with for a while.

I felt guilty not reacting to heart breaking messages people are sharing on social media and she said something a long the lines of:

We need more light in this world, light can counterbalance and even outshine the darkness. So make it your goal to always Be The Light.







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