How to be the solution (instead of the problem)

December 28, 2016




"If you’re not part of the solution ….."


I have been inspired by some friends that shine their critical light on the recent happenings in the world (War in Syria, the political games that are played over the back of citizins etc.)  to write this. They voice their opinions very on point and eloquently. And I respect and love their path. I'm grateful that I connect with an increasing number of people on a mission. Thank you for being in my life, I love you <3


This is my truth and how I'm contributing to a better world.

Everything that is happening, everything that IS at this moment is a result of our past thoughts and actions. Our thoughts, our choices, our decisions.


What IS now is a result of our collective consciousness. It's not a result of a day, it's a years and years build up. 
Simple cause and effect. 
Just like the body shape you have at this very moment.
It is a cumulation of your past choices, thoughts and actions.


The difference is we can't blame our body shape on someone else. However with the state the world is in today, we can.

It's time we start taking responsibility for everything that is happening. The power in this is, when we realise we've created this together we can also decide to create something different.


I used to get overwhelmed with the sadness in the world. Back in the days when I still watched television and read newspapers.
The hunger in Africa would make me sad. Different wars, any and everywhere, too. 
The pain inflicted on animals I couldn't bare and I still cry whenever something cruel is done to members of our furry families.

My way of "doing" something would hardly feel satisfying. I would complain, and rant and fume. And that was it. 
In the weekends I partied, bought this, that and the other and went on with my life. 
It frustrated the h*ll out of me and it started getting the better of me. But I just didn't know HOW I could change this huge sorrow.

Until I started to understand how it works and how it has been working forever and there are enough people that already knew. All of a sudden all these songs and phrases and sayings started to make sense.

* Man in the mirror - Michael Jackson
* Every Action has an opposite and equal reaction - Newton
* There's no try just do - Yoda 
* And if at first you don't succeed, dust myself of and try again - Aaliyah (or actually do again ;-) ) 
 * etc.


So I decided. 
To start with me, to take responsibility for everything that is in my life and to just do and freak out and cry from time to time and go ahead anyway. Because there's no failure, only feedback.

And when I decided to just do it. And to put ME first. Not my mortgage, not my cultivated image, not my boyfriends, mother, best friends. ME.

When I started doing that everything changed. I'm filling my cup first and from my overflow I have energy and love and support to give to others in need.

Connecting the dots backward I could've known that what was breaking my heart growing up is tied in with how I make my living now.


All the people that inspire the sh*t into me say the same thing. Teal Swan is one of them and she makes a more urgent though. She states that we're running out of time and we can change things in this world for the better when we start to follow our passion and our bliss.


You might have to adjust your living standards at first.

A small price to pay for happiness and fulfilment if you ask me. Your bank account will catch up though. How do I know?

Because I'm living it.

Will you vibe with the solution or will you cling on to the problem? The choice is yours.

Ho Ho Ho.

And Peace <3

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