Money, money, money ....

February 1, 2017



The most wanted and most misunderstood energy next to the opposite sex ...


It is my goal to help you and myself manifest more money in our respective lifes.


By the way all these tips also help you in other departments like work and love. But let's stick to money for now.


Everything is energy and on that note, good energy attracts and bad energy repels. And this also goes for money.

I heard this comparison recently: Imagine money being a pet. How does a pet respond if you are loving and caring? And how does it respond if you are mean and bitchy?


Clearing Money Blocks


First of all how do you know if you have a money block? Very simple, if you are struggling with money and it does not seem to flow than you have one.

And the block very likely comes from your child hood.

How where your parents with money?


Did they tell you had to work hard for money?

Or did they perhaps say that you weren't born for money because if you were born for a dime ...?


Or maybe they said rich people were nasty people?

Step one in changing your money game is clearing your limiting beliefs. And to be able to do just that you need to be honest on what your thoughts on money are.

Write all of them down and turn the negative ones into positive ones.


One of my favourite other exercises that I do daily comes from  the amazing book "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne.


In here Rhonda says the following:

Think of all the instances that you received money in your life. The clothes you received, the food, your school books etc.

Realise how grateful you are to have received all of this and state your gratitude on paper or out loud.


Another great tip from the book: Take out a bank note and put a sticker on it which says: "Thank you for all the money I received through out my life".


I have my bank note up on my success wall (according to Feng Shui principles that is in the east direction for me) which I look at everyday.


Whenever someone treats you to diner or coffee or a cake or you get a discount be grateful for the money you again received.


What I have found is that since I'm very grateful around money ....

-even when I have to spend money because I pay for a service that makes my life easier,

-or for delicious food which nourishes me and gives me energy,

-or even for taxes because it means I made money,

.... is that I get more of it, in really unexpected ways, and it flows to me easily and frequently.


Money Mantra's

The last powerful exercise I want to share with you is state mantra's around money.

My favourites:

- Money comes easily and frequently,

- I am paid to be me,

- There is more where that came from (whenever you spend money).

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