Five steps for a healthy wallet

February 18, 2017





We have been brought up believing some things are “cheap” and some are “expensive”.


I’m here to tell you that both words don’t serve us.


When something has a very low cost, for instance food, it usually means the ingredients are not serving your body. It probably contains lots of sugars which are toxic and other inferior ingredients.


When things are expensive, they’re out of the ball game before they even had a chance to play. But when you look at the “expensive” thing, for instance food, it usually * is something that your body loves to receive.


* always check the ingredients, a higher price does not necessarily mean that it’s good.



I have deleted both words out of my vocabulary and I always look for the feeling something gives me. Be it a piece of clothing, food, a trip or otherwise.


Do I make millions of dollars a year? No, not yet. It’s not about that for me. When I feel great through what I eat, what I wear, what I spend my money on I attract all the things that I wish into my life.


Five steps I go through when deciding if I will make a certain purchase.


Before I tell you what these are you have to know that I, just like you, have been conditioned most of my life to make decisions based on price instead of if it serves me or the planet. And if I love to give love in the form of money to the person who made the product I'm considering purchasing.


Here we go:


1. When there’s a big price difference between two of the same things I settle down from the initial scare it gave me.


2. I let all the limiting beliefs flow through me ( this is too expensive, you can't afford this, etc.) and see them for what they are ... limiting beliefs that dont' serve my highest good. 


3. I feel into my body, does she want to eat this, wear this, have this. Will it make me happier? Is it something that is made in a way that is not straining for our planet and the people and animals living on it?


4. When the answer is YES! I purchase it. When it makes me too nervous I leave it for a while and might come back to it another day or moment in the same day.


5. If YES! And I purchase it, I pay with grace and I silently give thanks for all the money that I have received throughout my life. And or I use a mantra that says: There's much more where that came from.


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