A Woman's Gathering in Paradise

March 1, 2017



From 4 - 9th of June 2017 I will be hosting a woman's gathering in Portugal.

Portugal has amazing energy and the piece of land the Wood Wood women's gathering will be held has the power to hold space for all of us and our soul's wishes. We have 10 spots and will be with 12 women in total. 


The emphasise in this week will be on living from intuition and trusting yourself and life, also known as the Universe or God. And believe me, this has nothing to do with the biblical God that we know.


From the moment we’ve left our mother’s womb we have been taught to live life based on logic. Everything had to make sense from a head perspective. What the heart said was too tricky and would not keep us alive– that’s what we were taught – which caused most of us to fall into the head trap.


At one point I decided no more of this nonsense, I knew that there had to be a way for me to live my life doing what I love to do and making a living while doing so.


By being happy, being inspired, learning, teaching, loving and experiencing.


With ups and downs I figured out how to live this life from intuition  and that’s what I will be teaching you too. If you resonate with this than you are very welcome to join me and Lynn from the 4th till the 9th of June in a beautiful little town in Portugal.


I have been lucky to visit this place twice already (I am actually here now while writing this) and I can tell you it’s very magical down here.


For more information go to the special Facebook event page where you can find all the need to knows. You can write me at hello@fralippolippie.com to secure your spot (10 spots in total) or for questions.







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