Break free from the "bad" foods spiral

March 23, 2017



How we eat determines how we feel and how we feel determines how we eat. So we’re in this ever circling loop.


When you make food choices that are not the smartest you usually also make life choices that are not the smartest.


Did you ever “drunk ‘n dial”? I rest my case ;-)


But. And. How do you get out of this loop when it’s not a particular supporting one.


Most change happens when we’re in pain and when the pain is big enough. Otherwise why would you change.


I first starting to change the way I was eating when I was unhappy with the shape of my body. We all have been there at one point in our lifes. Some of us react extremely quickly to what we put into our mouth, I’m one of them, for others it takes some time.


I guess that’s my luck. When I eat too much sugar or too much fat and there’s not enough physical activity going on in this time, my waistline suffers. When I was still eating meat and dairy my skin broke out badly after a cheese, yoghurt or ice-cream session which made it easy to leave after a while.

Because when I feel too heavy and my skin looks like a mess I'm no fun to be around, even not for myself. 


It took me a while to become as disciplined as I am now and everyone can do it.


The biggest change happened when I started to take full responsibility for what  I put in my mouth. When I eat a bar of delicious Vego vegan chocolate bar, which after you finish the whole bar isn’t that delicious any more, I really choose to eat it.


I know that I will have to either eat less during that day, exercise or have a balance day the day after if I want to stay on my same weight.


I know what the consequences are of not too smart food choices and I accept them.


What I also noticed is, that when I eat things that are nutritious like nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables that my body craves more of that. I would not have thought this 10 years ago but I adore a plate full of vegetables and grains which I combine with a humus or an avocado & nutritional yeast dip.


And for desert a ripe pear with some walnuts taste like absolute heaven.




If you’re someone that complains about not having enough time or money for changing your diet or eating habits, then my guess is you just have to wait a bit longer for the “pain” to increase ;-) And when you are ready to take responsibility for your health, your energy level and your looks than I congratulate you on your decision


Own responsibility for our health and happiness can sound daunting, and actually it's a blessing. You have the power to have yourself feel and look even more amazing than you already do.


Lots of love,






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