The Power of Consistency

April 24, 2017



Creating new habits are uncomfortable. They don’t feel like you, they don’t fit you and when you’re lucky … they’re also judged by other people as being weird.


When I started with my fra lippo lippie there were a few things that I definitely wanted to change. And for one thing that was the “best regards” underneath every email.


This is one of the most boring customs in the e-mail history of mankind.


I decided to end all of my e-mails with some sorts of Love in it. And why not? It is nice to receive it, to give it, to sprinkle that sh*t every where.


I remember that I would get hot flashes sending out these emails, especially to one person in general, my tax advisor. Sometimes I would have to send him multiple emails a day and I could feel his uncomfortableness shining through his answers to my emails ending with; Love, Much Love or Lots of Love.


Last week I all of a sudden I noticed it. I hadn’t even noticed it before. But. AND …

I didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore emailing him with all of my LOVE. I even feel so comfortable with him nowadays that I replied the following.


Tax Advisor: It looks like you will get a return of such and such but I can’t promise you anything.


Me: It will all be as the Universe wishes ( just when you thought you heard everything ;-) ) Much love and have a nice day


Tax Advisor: Hahaha, I have been laughing out loud here.

You have a nice day too!



Moral of the story, be consistent, feel the hot flashes and the embarrassment and all of it that comes with unfamiliar territory.


Just stay with it, with you and how you wish to be in the world and it will become a part of you.


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Lots of Love,








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