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June 14, 2017



Since forever I wanted to return to Australia. I've been here 10 years ago and thought I would never come here again as I had not such an amazing experience the first time.


Dear Australia got me back here about four years ago where I fell absolutely in love with her stunning nature in Byron Bay and this is also where the fra lippo lippie story started, as you might remember from This Story. 


Ever since I have been working and living primarily of my vegan fra lippo lippie pride and joy.  So every time I thought about returning to Australia I also thought that it might not be the smartest decision in terms of funds.  While I'm down here I can not (really) work and no work means no money. 


Or at least that's what I used to think. I have been changing my thinking pattern for quite some time already and shifted my mindset from that of a scarcity one to that of an abundance one. And still, taking this "leap of faith" was not easy for me. 


And now I'm here. I'm in Australia. I DID IT. And of course I wonder why I didn't do this sooner.

The answer to that probably is, because it wasn't time yet.


I am so gratefully happy I decided to do this for myself.

It is one of the best things I ever could've done for myself. And for my brand.

And for other things that I'm will find out on a later moment.


I will keep you updated on my learnings. So keep an eye out on your inbox.


Wishing you lots of love and tons of guts from beautiful and stunning Down Under.



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