What my month in Australia brought me (so far)

July 20, 2017



I told you in my last post how I finally mustered up the courage to book a ticket to Australia. Even though I had no idea if this was financially a smart decision, since everything that comes in is for my business and for my life support and I have not had the courage yet to go traveling for a whole month. And you should know that I don't do "cheap", I don't believe in budgeting. Of course kind of yes, budgeting in a way that I have a comfortable vacation and I allow myself to buy beautiful things for myself and the other people in my life that I love.


I have been wanting to come back here for ages, to give you an update and to hopefully inspire you and all the time I had a case of: Oh, but what if I won't inspire. And if I start now I have to keep up with it. And what if I don't want to keep up with it...


And you know what, I have two answers for that.

1. I am good enough, always, in any decision I make because there are no failures there's only feedback

2. I can create my own rules. It is my life, so my rules.


Which creates the breathing space I need.


So now for what I have learned during this month in Australia. And allow me to do this in a course of blogposts because everything's still working in on me.


I have learned or actually remembered ...

- That I am super supported! Not just by the Universe, also by the amazing persons that I've met along the way during the trip. It was so amazing to look at everyone as a teacher and subsequently having the most amazing connections and experiences.


- That I can spend money however I wish to and how much I wish to and that whenever I spend it, it should go to something that I really care a lot about so the energy that goes with spending is a loving one


- I can easily leave my business for a month, the people that ordered during the time that I was away got either served by my dear Lover (who by the way offered himself without me asking anything to send out my orders) and the ones that had to wait because I had to produce new stock were ok with waiting for a bit. I have THE BEST customers in the whole world.


- Doing things just for me makes me a much nicer friend and lover and daughter. I have been focussing on reconnecting with dear friends, with my body, with nature, with delicious healthy and nutritious organic foods I believe I set a few amazing energetic frequencies in motion that I will continue to get the fruits from.


- I mustered up the courage to start a whole new habbit by a book that found me in a Salvation Army shop about creating the body of your dreams. And I have been waking up at 5.30 every morning since I've been back in Berlin (some days even earlier) for 5 days a week. And exercising for 6 days a week. The idea is a 12 week program to get my mindset in such a modus that I feel and believe and actually KNOW that I can accomplish anything and everything that I send my mind to.



p.s. if you wondered about Money, and how I'm able to do it. I will look into that for you because I've got that question a few times. One thing that helps for sure is spending money freely and wisely, I never take risks that put me out of business and I always buy stuff that makes me happy. Sometimes it might feel a little bit uncomfortable and I'm happy with the discomfort because it means growth .... 


And right before I came here to write this first post again (FINALLY) I have been watching a few very inspirational videos. One of them is this one, if you are someone that loves to have the motivation and sometimes lack motivation. This is next level and it inspired me a lot!



Have fun watching and hope to see you in here soon. And by the way, you can easily unsubscribe to this newsletter. And if you decide to stay here with me I'll make it worth our while.





Lots of Love and see you soon!






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