Eating as much as I want ...

July 29, 2017



I LOVE eating. I always did and I always will. All these different flavours and textures and combinations of them.

It seems like it got even more since I've been eating mainly plant based. 


Trying to eat less than I crave for or than I want  leads to unhealthy behaviour and even to unhappiness. So that one's overboard. And when I was in Australia, in Byron Bay at the end of June I found out what works perfectly for me and it might for you too. 

Let me take you through it from the beginning.



Weight and body image is something I’ve always struggled with. You probably would think I’m crazy when you see me, because there is nothing “wrong” with how I look.


And we both know it’s not about that. It’s about how we feel.

About how I feel when I walk, when I wear something tight, when I sit down in this tight piece of garment.

When I see my reflection in the mirror or my outlines in a window or myself on pictures.


We can talk a lot about how this body image became distorted, but to be honest, that’s not interesting to me anymore.

Been there, done that, figured it out, have read a series of books and coaching programs on it. 


Jack Canfield says about these type of situations: “That’s just called so what? Now what you’re going to do about it?” And I love that. And it's exactly where my focus is nowadays.


Somehow being at home, in Berlin, didn’t get me going.

I apparently needed to be physcially somewhere else first to feel inspired enough to get back into it. And I gave myself a month’s time to do that far away from home.


My last trip to Australia I got back into moving and exercising and landing back into my body.

Since I’ve always been a pretty sporty cookie it didn’t take long for me to get back on track. 


I was feeling out of shape and easily out of breath so I started getting back into it slowly. I started out easy with Yoga in Manly. I bought myself a 5-day yoga pass at Qi health and Yoga while I was in Manly for 7 days and by the 5th day I felt back on track.

The great thing on having this physical time limit (a month) it's easy to pay attention to my progress and also to make more of an effort because of this limited time.


After Manly I went to Byron Bay. And I actually just now remember that I wanted to lose weight in the month that I was in Australia and that actually turned into something else along the way ...  


One day when I was exploring Sunrise, the area where I stayed this time around, I found a Salvation Army shop in the Industrial area.

I love industrial area’s that are located in tropical area’s. There usually full of creativity with an amazing nature feel because of the palm trees and the flowery bushes that are native to in this case Byron Bay.


Ánd I love nosing around for hidden treasures in stores like these. I can feel the stories floating in the air, the possibilities and the magic.

You can feel the stories floating in the air here. It’s a magical place

I felt drawn to the back and I found a few book cases and I started checking what they had. And I found the perfect book! Or it found me ;-)

Total Body Make-Over from Bob Greene.  The book is kind of dated, as in I believe it was written and published in the early 90’s and the wisdom in it is timeless


Do you remember Oprah in the time she was skinny? Or have you seen Youtube clips with her in her skinny version.

That was his work. Well her work with his support and coaching.


I bought the book, together with a few others that were a perfect match for the phase I am in, on business success and how to train your mind and how to make great decisions following your heart.


I think I read it in two days. Super inspiring.


And what stood out for me the most was that he starts of by stating that it’s not going to be easy. If you want to be in a certain shape (mentally or physically) you have to work at it.

That you have to think like a top athlete, you don’t have to be one, you just have to think like one.


And what particularly spoke to me is that I had to eat breakfast. First training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, which I loved to do anyway, and then breakfast gives you a “double whammy” as he calls it. Because both spur your metabolism into action.


This book proved to be the most amazing gift. For the very first time in my exercising and change my body history it became about something else.


It’s now about mind strength, getting my body physically stronger and in shape is not anymore determined by how I look and what size I fit in.

It’s about; Have I got what it takes to get me through this 12 week program that he describes in the book.

Physically definitely, but mentally …. That’s the big question.


I am now in week almost at the end of the 3rd week.


And I’ve had a lot of ups and downs so far. Yesterday it was very easy to get out of bed. The first week too. But the rest of the days were a struggle.


I have to tell you I upped the challenge a bit.

I’ve decided to get up every morning – 5 days a week – at 5.30 and I start the program.

The 6th day I allow myself to sleep in and exercise later in the day. The 7th day, on Sunday, I have a day off.


The reason I added the 5.30 in there, there’s so much I want to do in a day and if I get up at a later time, let’s say 7-ish, then I feel like I have to rush to get the things done that I would like to do in a day.


Do you know that feeling of getting up very early and the world is still asleep. That you can hear yourself think better?

And that it’s generally quieter everywhere? That’s when I love to write and do the things that I don’t feel relaxed enough for.


The take-aways until so far in short :


  • By working out very often I can enjoy eating whatever I want.

  • It’s not easy. It’s not suppose to be easy. It’s supposed to be effective.

  • This challenge has strengthened more than just my body and my mind up until now. I have more inspiration and think more creatively. I have more energy and feel happier and more energised. Which has it's reflections on my relationships as well.


    If I can make this happen, I know that I can make other things that seem difficult and hard to achieve too...










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