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July 30, 2017

I have never considered myself a creative person. Au contraire, I thought I was the complete opposite of it. 


I was always afraid to make something that would look silly and too simple. Thinking back I just realised when this started and from that point on up until a few years ago I thought I was aything but .... 


While fact of the matter is, we are all creative. And when we think we are not this is because of taught behaviour ... 


When I was about 8 years old there was a cake baking contest at my primary school. I remember asking my mom if she wanted to help me bake a cake and I spent a lot of time thinking of how beautiful I would make it. And at one point I had it!!

I bought a role of coloured mentos and I made a smiley face on the cake with it. I was super happy with my creation!


Of course it looked to simple for words and wasn’t creative at all. At least, by the common standards. My best friend and her mom made an amazingly beautiful cake. I don’t exactly remember I just know that it was stunning. I came to their house with my smiley cake and I remember them both laughing (ouch). And I know that my self-esteem sunk even deeper when I saw what they had produced. Something with a lot of layers and figures and what not.


A big jump forward in time. When I returned to Amsterdam from my second trip to Byron Bay, Bell's Beach and Melbourne Australia, in 2014 my creativity was born anew. Or awakened, or however you want to call it.


Coming back in Amsterdam I started playing around with lip balms in different forms, flowers, making pictures and posting them on Facebook. I remember having so much fun with this.  It was all about the making, and creating, and styling. And while you could argue if it looks good or not, which is not important it’s just a matter of taste, it gave me an immense sense of fulfillment.


This is a photo of the beginning stages of fra lippo lippie made and posted on 14th of April 2014.




I’m not sure it is because I’m of the female species and we can build a baby in our body when we receive a seed of sperm, or just because …. well because.


I love it.


Ever since the beginning of fra lippo lippie I have been doing almost everything myself. Creating the labels, the products, the flavors, the textures, the colors, the business cards, the website, and so on.


I love all of the things that I make myself as well and I get tons of great feedback. And every time when I pause and take a distance and look at how far I came, thinking all these years that I “just wasn’t creative” to now I get goosebumps. And I’m grateful that at one point I didn’t care anymore to be judged for what I make, that people would find what I make silly, or simple. I dive in head first, draw, mix, design, play around in Photoshop, Illustrator, Wix, in and around the house for Instagram photo’s. Every day in every way I grow better and better.


These are the things that help me in my creative process:

1. I'm allowed to make mistakes (which I tend to forget sometimes, until I remember again)

2. I am open to anything that takes form. For example, I set out to make an orange lip pigment and ended up with a very strong pink one. See the story of A Whole Lotta Rosa

click on the "read more" button to get the story.

3. I ask my dear lover or friends on feedback on my idea. Usually I already know what I want myself, they help me find it out quicker. And that oftentime means that I have an opposing opinion from them.

4. I just do it, create it and try, then I found out that it was better in another form, colour or texture which is part of the creative process and is takes me back to point 1.

5. I have lots of fun doing it and see everything as a hobby instead of taking it super serious. When I do (take it serious) than I always fail at point 1.


Before I leave you today I utter the wish that  everyone that wants to be creative (that IS creative, otherwise you would not have the wish to be creative….. ) will just go for it. That you will just go for it. No matter what.


And you know what I just realised, I have so much to share from the beginning process to where I've arrived now. Tons of stories that will definitely amuse and hopefully also help. So keep an eye on the articles to come. 


Amen. And I wish you a wonderful and a creative day & see you soon in here. 

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