Everything worth while is difficult ...

August 1, 2017


Or nothing worth anything comes easy. 

I wonder what makes the worth though .... the fact that it doesn't come easy or simply because the things that are worth achieving just simply ask us to go through the "valley of death" and slay the dragons?


And while I agree with the title statement of this post, I also believe in making it as easy for myself as possible. Here's what I'm talking about.


If you’ve read my last couple of Instagram posts and I think I talk about it in a few recent blog posts too, I have been getting up early since over a month. I started when I was on my month sabbatical in Australia and continued back home in Berlin. This time I turned the clock back even further and I changed from around 6 in Australia to 5.30 in Berlin.

Weekdays only. 


What I have noticed that getting up is easier when I ate lightly or hardly at all in the evening. I have the most difficulties when I:

1. At too much the night before

2. Ate too late the night before,

3. Ate something my body really doesn't like aka finds hard to digest the night before. 


Too much is easy to figure out for anyone, we know our bodies and our appetites and if we don’t down our plate too quickly, something I don’t always succeed in, then we can actually feel when we’re full and take actions accordingly. 


With regards to the second point: Too late is something I learned from the book of Bob Greene that I talk about in my previous post.

He says that you shouldn’t eat anything 3 hours prior going to bed.

Which means in my case that I should stop eating at 19 at night.

In the book he states this for the reason of losing excess weight.


In his program he doesn’t talk about getting up early. That’s something that I have added myself. So when I stop eating around 19 my main reason is to be able to get out of bed easier.


What I found out though, and already experienced during a fasting experience about 3 years ago, is that the more and the later we eat the more our body needs energy to digest which makes it harder for us to get up. Me and a couple of other fasters were awake very early every day during the fast. The morning after the night we had our first light meal, we all "slept in" and woke up 3 hours later then we did before.


And with regards to the last one: “Eating something my body doesn’t like”

Me and the dear lover had vegan burgers and fries last week. And while it wasn't even that late, we ate most of it before my eating curfew, I felt horrible when my alarm went off.

And also exercising was costing me an effort.


While it’s still not a walk in the park when the alarm goes, it is a wonderful start when it’s easy to open my eyes, like this morning.


And when I start of the day with something that I find difficult to accomplish, it sets the tone for success for the rest of the day. And imagine what the accumulation of this routine will do for me. 


Wishing you an inspiring one.


Lots of Love,


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