Buckwheat diet - day 1

August 31, 2017


Why this mask on the picture? It will all be clear on Instagram tomorrow ;-)


Wednesday the 16th of August I went to my naturopath. She's an amazing magician who brought a lot of magic into my life by her treatments.

Not only the special herbal teas she prescribes me based on a analysis of my morning urine are the sh*t, also the other things she offers like rebirthing sessions and what comes through her whenever she is consulting me.


I know, although I can't prove it in the technical sense, that through her work I attracted the man of my dreams and she helped me manifest a lot of other things too. By helping me clear my energy field and up my mental and physical help. 

Through eating and drinking the right types of foods, we become a better attractor for the things we want.

When we look at life as being a road .... when the road is blocked because of a lot of leaves, or even whole trees are on it, when there are pots in the asphalt and the rain water isn't absorbed you will have a hard time reaching your destination. You will get there eventually,  but it won't be easy.


By eating and drinking the right way for your constitution, you can make the ride smoother and more pleasurable. 


So Wednesday the 16th Susanna, my naturopath, told me she had found new information on health.

She's also always looking to better her knowledge and she had been reading into the Macrobiotic way of living and she had recently finished the 10 - day Buckwheat diet.

This cleansing diet comes from the brain of George Oshawa. The Macrobiotic diet first appeared around the end of the last century, when a Japanese army doctor (Sagen Ishizuka) established a theory of nutrition and medicine based on the traditional Oriental diet. 


As usual her timing was perfect again.

I had been feeling immensely lethargic, was very emotional and felt very bad crap in my skin. Even though I have been doing a 5.30 wake-up challenge for a lot of weeks and exercising 5 days I felt not so well (huge understatement). 

I know we are also in eclipse season and some planets are going retrograde and usually I'm super sensitive to this stuff, and still there was more going on, I just knew it and I felt it.


When Susanna checked my morning urine, it turned out I was very acidic.

I had been drinking too much water, eating too much fruits  / I already had an inklink I was this but I didn't want to admit it \  and I had been eating almost only white floury type of carbs. 


She told me about her own experiment with the 10 day Buckwheat diet and asked me if I wanted to conduct in this experiment, which I was super happy to do.  


I wanted to start right away, so the next day, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do the full 10 days since I was going to Amsterdam next Monday to introduce my man, Sebastian, to my family and friends and I would celebrate my birthday on Friday the 25th of August too. 


By the way, what it is:

10 days of only eating Buckwheat or other whole grain products, I ate everything Buckwheat. Pasta, grouts, corn, noodles, pancakes. And I topped most of it with sesame seeds, shoyu soy sauce and gomasio.


In this post I explain more of how to eat according to the Macrobiotic food teachings


Lucky for me Sebastian went away on a sailing trip so I could go through all the detox symptoms that are hardest the first few days by myself.

The first day that I started was perfect and super easy I ate buckwheat for breakfast,

you can see what I ate exactly at the bottom of this post, and I wasn't hungry until the early evening. Which was a very welcoming effect since my intestines, kidneys and liver needed a break from all that purifying and breaking down of foods and drinks.


The second day  .... the second day was horrendous. The beginning of the day was ok, the second part was terrible.


I was hungry the whole time, and I ate lots(!!!) and it didn't satisfy me. I wanted sweet! I was immensely tired and I felt so bad. 


Ok till so far, I don't want you to suffer "death from reading Buckwheat diet Blogpost" you can read more on the rest of the journey and the effects, that are pretty amazing, soon.  :-)



Cooked buckwheat that I soaked overnight. I added some himalayan salt and some gomasio. It was nothing special and it was very ok. I was happy to be chewing something.



A Buckwheat pancake, added a bit of shoyu when it was finished

Cooked Buckwheat, with shoyu, gomasio and sesame seeds


It was delicious, I love eating different textures so this was perfect. And I also love eating in general so my body and I were happy.


By the way, I didn't drink much, and apparently that is better for us. Contrary to what we have been believing al along. I feel fine with it. I had a slight head ache at the end of the day, I guess because my body has been "missing" her sugars.


And to be honest I am happy not to have something sweet for a while. I feel that I don't react particularly well to eating fruits but still I chose to eat lots of it. I heard it's difficult for our body to break down the fruit sugars and our liver has to work overtime. Judging by the colour of my eye white lately that could be very true.


















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